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The Best Reactions To The Disney Princess Scene In 'Wreck-It Ralph 2'

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When it comes to fan reactions to Ralph Breaks the Internet, people are only talking about one thing: princesses. While audiences were ready for jokes sending up modern life on the internet, no one knew they'd see all the Disney princesses in Wreck-It Ralph 2. When the trailers revealed Vanellope von Schweetz holding court with every Disney princess from Snow White to Moana, fans immediately wanted more.

On top of bringing these beloved female characters together for the first time in one Disney movie, this particular scene pushed fan excitement over the top with three words: princess pajama party. Like artists who've reinvented the characters as anime princesses, the Disney animators took the opportunity to put a different spin on classic designs. Each princess sports modern, casual loungewear that captures her personality, and Twitter can't get enough of the slumber party versions of Disney princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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    Let's Hope The Ending Is Less Depressing Than The Last Disney Crossover


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    It Might As Well Just Be A Princess Pajama Party


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    'Shrek' Fans Have A Case To Make


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    Some Fans Are Hoping For A Forgotten Princess


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