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15 'Wreck-It Ralph' Fan Theories That Might Break The Internet

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Wreck-It Ralph and Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet have a vast universe that blends both fictional games (Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush) and real-life titles (Street Fighter and Tron). This melding of worlds creates an incredible hot bed for Wreck-It Ralph fan theories, and this animated franchise has no shortage of them. Have you ever wondered if there could be a major design flaw with Ralph or Vanellope? Ever stopped to consider the fact that Calhoun's backstory might be way more tragic than we know? What if arcade owner Stan Litwak has some secrets we never see on screen? This ongoing Disney franchise has layers and layers of pontential Easter eggs and what-ifs to crack (or break, more like it).

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    Calhoun's Backstory Is Worse Than You Think

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    In Ralph 1 we learn the tragic backstory of Calhoun's lost love, where her husband is gobbled up by a cybug on their wedding day. It's a real tear-jerker of a story as is, but if you get Redditor /u/ItsGotToMakeSense's take on it, it's so much worse. The Redditor points out that when a cybug consumes a character it takes on part of their form, as we see via the monstrosity that Turbo/King Candy becomes at the end of the first movie. Knowing this, we can deduce that after Calhoun's almost-husband was eaten, the cybug took on part of his form (probably his face), which is what Calhoun had to blast to bits with her Hero's Duty weapon. Yikes. That's worse than being left at the altar.

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    Vanellope Went Turbo

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    In this theory, Wreck-It Ralph's primary heroine might have a little more in common with the first film's villain. Redditor Boy_Sabaw suggests that it's possible Vanellope went "Turbo" in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Put simply, going "Turbo" means that a character has left their game and taken over another. This is exactly what the character Turbo does in the first installment. According to the Redditor, some of Turbo's devious internal code latches onto Vanellope when they race at the end of Ralph 1, which is the reason she feels compelled to leave her original game for Slaughter Race in Ralph 2. If we're sticking to the films' logic of what going "Turbo" means, it's hard to deny that that's exactly what Vanellope eventually does.

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    Stan Litwak Knows His Games Are Sentient

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    Stan Litwak, owner and operator of the arcade which hosts Wreck-It Ralph's primary characters, might have an inkling that something magical is going on inside those cabinets. In a theory proposed by Redditor /u/Superjoshe, the reason Litwak leaves all of the games on at night (a huge hit to the electrical bill) is because he knows the characters are sentient. He further shows signs of this belief at the end of the first film, where he clearly seems more excited by the fact that the characters in Fix-It Felix Jr. have returned than the fact that the game itself is once again open for business.

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    Felix "Fixed" Those 15 Annoying Kids

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    Some say that the key to parenting is tough love. Of those folks, though, most would probably agree that bonking your kids with a hammer to get them in line is a little much. If you ask Redditor /u/NickTwix95, however, that's exactly what Fix-It Felix did in the second installment of Wreck-It Ralph. This theory suggests that after Felix and Calhoun adopt the Sugar Rush racers, the only way the new parents could have gotten them to behave is for Felix to "fix" them with his game-mode hammer. This might just check out, especially when you consider Vanellope's glitchiness was never resolved with a reset of the game, proving that the reset would have no effect on the racers, either.

    Guess there's only one way to make the kids act right: Hammer time.

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