The Best Quotes From 'Wreck-it Ralph'

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Movie fans everywhere have come together to vote on this list of the best Wreck-It Ralph movie quotes, and it's safe to say that they've done a fantastic job. From heartwarming lines that tug at your emotions to hilarious quips that leave you in stitches, these quotes showcase the very essence of what makes this beloved Disney film so special.

What sets Wreck-It Ralph apart from other animated movies is its unique premise. The film follows the titular character, voiced by John C. Reilly, who's tired of being a villain in his arcade game and decides to venture into other games in search of redemption. Along the way, he meets Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a glitchy racer who becomes his unlikely ally.

One thing that stands out about Wreck-It Ralph is how it seamlessly blends nostalgia with modernity. The movie features classic video game characters like Pac-Man and Sonic alongside newer ones like Fix-It Felix Jr., creating a world that appeals to both young and old audiences alike.

With so many memorable moments throughout the film, narrowing down the best quotes was no easy feat for our voters. However, we're confident that these top picks will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even inspire you.

So without further ado, scroll through our list below and don't forget to vote up your favorites.

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    Bad Guys

    Bad Guys
    Video: YouTube

    Wreck-It Ralph: "It sure must be nice being the good guy."

    Clyde: "Nice share, Ralph. As fellow bad guys, we've all felt what you're feeling."

    Zangief: "I am Zangief. I am bad guy."

    Bad Guys: [in unison] "Hi Zangief"

    Zangief: "Ralph, you are bad guy but this does not mean you are bad guy."

    Zombie: "Zombie. Bad guy."

    Bad Guys: [in unison] "Hi Zombie"

    Zombie: "Zangief saying, labels not make you happy. Good, bad, uhgh! You must love you."

    Since of course in video game land there are support groups for all the bad guys in games, Ralph confides in his group how he feels about always being the bad guy and never the hero.
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    Not That Kind of Duty

    Not That Kind of Duty
    Video: YouTube

    Vanellope von Schweetz: "What's that?"

    Wreck-It Ralph: "A medal. I earned it in Hero's Duty."

    [Vanellope von Schweetz laughs]

    Wreck-It Ralph: "Not that kind of duty!"

    Vanellope von Schweetz: "I bet you really gotta watch where you step in a game called Hero's Duty!"

    Poor Ralph. He's so proud to finally be doing something positive, earning a medal in Hero's Duty and he gets nothing but flack from little Vanellope von Schweetz.
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    Going Turbo

    Going Turbo
    Video: YouTube

    Wreck-It Ralph: "I don't want to be the bad guy anymore."

    Kano: "You can't mess with the program, Ralph."

    M. Bison: "You're not going turbo are you?"

    Wreck-It Ralph: "Turbo? No, I'm not going turbo! Come on guys! Is it turbo to want a friend or a medal or a piece of pie every once in a while? Is it turbo to want more out of life?"

    Zombie: "Yesssss"

    Clyde: "Ralph, Ralph, we get it but we can't change who we are and the sooner you accept that the better off your game and your life will be."

    Zangief: "Hey, one game at a time, Ralph."

    Clyde: "Now, let's close out with the bad guy affirmation."

    Bad Guys: [in unison] "I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me."

    When Ralph reveals to his support group full of fellow bad guys that he wants to be a good guy for once, they kind of flip out and accuse him of going turbo, which we can only conclude is really bad in bad guy video game talk.
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    Don't Know

    Wreck-It Ralph: "My name's Wreck-It Ralph. 30 years I've been doing this. It starts to feel hard to love your job when no one else seems to like you for doing it."

    As viewers meet Wreck-It Ralph they are introduced to a legend in the video game world yet a broken man yearning to break out of his mold as the bad guy.
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    Hit a Guy with Glasses

    Hit a Guy with Glasses
    Video: YouTube

    King Candy: "You're game jumping?"

    Wreck-It Ralph: "Hey!"

    King Candy: "Ah hah! You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you? You hit a guy with glasses! Thats... well played."

    Jumping from video game to video game is difficult for Ralph, especially after living for 30 years as that tough, strong, bad guy. That's why when he runs into the innocent little King Candy, things get a little sticky.
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    Ralph Abandoned His Game

    Ralph Abandoned His Game
    Video: YouTube

    Fix-It Felix, Jr.: "Ralph abandoned his game!"

    Just as people often talk about quitting their job but rarely go through with it, after Ralph talks about leaving his game, no one thinks he will actually do it and when he does, the remaining characters in Fix-It Felix, Jr. are shocked.
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