Crazy Diets of Wrestlers and Other Athletes

One of the top questions when it comes to Dwayne Johnson is "What does the Rock eat in order to stay that jacked?" While The Rock's insane diet would leave the average person bursting at the seams, there are many other athletes, wrestlers, and other giant people who have gigantic appetites to match their size and adhere to bizarre diets as well.

Many celebrities, athletes, and monsters of the mat have to work hard to keep their physiques in top form. In order to keep their bodies big or in peak athletic shape, they need to get the right amount of fuel. While this is basic knowledge of exercise, sports, and bodybuilding, some celebrity diets and wrestler diets go for the gusto when it comes to their food intake.

Check out this list of the top pro wrestlers, celebrities, and athletes who have diets that will make your head spin and make your stomach beg for mercy.