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15 Wrestlers You Didn’t Realize Love Anime

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Anime and wrestling fans have a lot more in common than one would think. Sure, it’s easy to fall back on the stereotype of a jock versus a nerd when picturing these fandoms interacting with one another, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. At the end of the day, anime and wrestling fans both love watching excellently staged battles from characters of various morales who push their bodies and spirits to the limit. See? It’s all the same fun. 

As geek-centric entertainment continues to dominate pop culture, more celebrities of older and newer generations are openly embracing their love of anime. Hollywood celebrities love animeRap artists love anime. And yes, professional wrestlers all over the world love anime. 

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    Rhea Ripley


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    Rhea Ripley, the stage name of Australian WWE Champion Demi Bennett, has shown off her love for Dragon Ball Z. For a 2018 Halloween party, she cosplayed as the cybernetic fighter Android 18. Android 18 was once a villainess during the “Android Saga,” but later became another ally to the Z-Fighters, and a wife and mother to her husband Krillin and their daughter Marron.

    Ripley also cosplayed in the Saiyan armor that Vegeta casually wore on the show and shares DBZ-inspired posts, too. 

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    Zelina Vega & Andrade


    Every February 27 is Pokémon Day: a day where the Pokémon community celebrates everything they love about the Nintendo series. For this year’s Pokémon Day, Zelina Vega and Andrade dressed themselves up as the double-trouble team known as Team Rocket.

    Vega (Thea Megan Trinidad) and Andrade (Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza) pulled off an impressive cosplay of Jessie and James from the long-running Pokémon anime series and used an adorable plushie of Meowth to complete the look. 


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    Leva Bates has never been shy about fangirling all out in the ring. During her early days as a WWE wrestler named “Blue Pants,” audiences went wild over her fangirl attitude. Bates continues to be the “ultimate fangirl” over at AEW Elite Wrestling.

    Through her ring outfits, Bates has cosplayed as the Bride from Kill Bill, a ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul, and as a Class 1-A student from My Hero Academia.

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    Over at All Elite Wrestling, Portuguese pro wrestler Shanna has defined herself as the ultimate Dragon Ball Z fangirl. Shanna, real name Alexandra Barrulas, has based her wrestling attire on various DBZ characters, such as Goku and Vegeta. Her most famous wrestling outfit is based on Goku’s iconic orange-and-blue uniform that he received from Master Roshi in the original series.

    When she’s not wrestling on TV, she streaming games like Final Fantasy and League of Legends on her Twitch channel.