Writers Who Died Of Alcoholism

Writers are known for their sometimes dramatic deaths, often linked to drug overdoses or psychotic breaks. However, alcoholism also has played parts in the demises of some of the most famous of character creators. Which writers have died from alcoholism? From Truman Capote to F. Scott Fitzgerald, this list confronts the deaths of some of the greats that succumbed to alcoholism.

Many writers of the 20th century - worryingly, many of them American - struggled with alcohol addiction. There is debate among some as to whether these addictions added to their greatness or were simply a numbing agent for other problems in their lives. It offers a different perspective on the worlds they create, such as that of The Great Gatsby. Is the scene Fitzgerald paints a celebration of the richness of life or a dark reflection of his own struggles?

With the glittering lifestyle that these writers led when they reached fame, it is unsurprising that they were confronted with the temptation that led to their disease. This list acknowledges the deaths of those great writers who died of alcoholism, along with their most famous works.