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Movies About Kids from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Rich girl falls in love with poor boy - or vice versa. It's a tale as old as time and a classic theme in wrong side of the tracks movies. The top poor teen movies feature kids from separate financial classes becoming friends or lovers despite their differences. This is a list of the best wrong side of the tracks movies including everything from Grease to West Side Story to Dirty Dancing.

What films will you find on this list of movies featuring characters from the wrong side of the tracks? No one makes films about poor teens like John Waters, and the Johnny Depp-led Cry-Baby is one of his best. It features a battle between the drapes and the squares that leaves everyone singing in honor of the "High School Hellcats." Grease is another great teen love story featuring characters from different worlds. Even the teen film master, John Hughes, put his spin on the genre with Pretty in Pink. Other good films featured on this wrong side of the tracks movies list include The Outsiders, Heathers, and Say Anything.

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