Unspeakable Times

People Reveal The Worst Crimes They've Actually Gotten Away With  

Stefanie Hammond
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Most people have done something that technically qualifies as a crime, such as littering or not returning an overdue library book. It's easy to cross the line from a petty offense to legitimate crime. Redditors revealed the worst crimes, either committed intentionally or by accident, that they got away with - perhaps one of these anecdotes will take you back to your carefree, mischievous youth.

A Group Of Teens Ran A Shoplifting Ring

From Redditor /u/zaibei86:

In high school, my best friend and I ran a fairly impressive shoplifting ring. We had two other girls that helped us, and we would map out locations around town. Our average haul, per store, would be $200-$300. We had specific plans for each store based on their camera systems. Then we would resell the items on Craigslist or Ebay. We made more than our friends working at fast food places, and we kept it up over a year. I even stole my prom dress. Never got caught, and the day I turned 18, I stopped. It was easily worth over $10,000 that we stole and resold.

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Someone Stole Their Classmate's Homework

From Redditor /u/jeff_the_nurse:

After class, I snatched this kid's 50-point worksheet out of a stack that had already been turned in, as I had completely forgotten about it. I then went to the library, firmly erased his name, wrote mine, and turned it in. "I" got the only 100 in the class.

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Someone Drove Around And Stole Christmas Decorations

From a former Redditor:

Was drinking and driving with my then-girlfriend and we decided to steal people's Christmas decorations. We stole a couple hundreds of dollars' worth of decorations within three hours, my car was literally stuffed with Christmas decorations and I was driving a Jeep Cherokee. We felt like assh*les afterwards, even though the adrenaline rush at the time was fun, so about a week later we left the whole stash in front of the local church. For the record, I don't drink and drive, it was really a one-time thing. I was young, stupid, and it was very dangerous.

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A Group Uses Someone Else's Credit Card To Pay For A Bar Tab

From Redditor /u/MachoNinja:

Credit card fraud, at a bar one night and some ass tried starting a fight with us. When the bouncer came, his buddy tried to calm the situation by offering to buy us a round of drinks. I told him I would go get the drinks while he talked to the bouncer a bit more; the drunk idiot who was looking to fight refused to let his buddy pay, and instead handed me his credit card.

Shocked, I order top-shelf everything, gave the bartender a $25 tip, and signed the receipt Dianda Myd*cky. Dude was finally thrown out and left me with his credit card, so we purchased more booze and tipped the bartender enough to purchase a reliable used car.

I am such a badass, I never set foot in that bar again, it has been 22 years.

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