WTF?? 16 Redditors Share Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

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We've all had weird neighbors... but for these folks this was downright concerning.

  • 1. Stabby Neighbor


    "My old neighbour was perfect, quiet and always had a nice chat when we met outside our flats. He was obviously dealing drugs but he kept all the junkies in line, they were quiet as well when they were knocking on his door all hours of the night. Then he stabbed the sh*t of two guys that came to his door. The hallway was covered in blood. It was crazy. Still, after he got sent to prison a new guy moved in that played music constantly as loud as he possibly could. I'll take ol' stabby back any day".

  • 2. Creepy Stalking Neighbor Watching/Tapping On The Window


    My neighbor stalked me and was watching me through my bedroom window at night for an unknown amount of time.

    I'm a grad student living by myself in a first floor one bedroom. Been living there for over a year now. About a month ago (when it first started cooling off outside) I started hearing tapping on my bedroom window at night. It couldn't have been a tree branch because it was too insistent and irregular. I assumed it was a bird or something trying to get in where it's warm. Nothing to worry about.

    About a week or two ago, I was sitting on my bed in a white Tshirt and underwear, no bra, just hanging in the privacy of my own home with the blinds closed. I start hearing the tapping, but being used to it by now I ignore it. Then I hear a faint voice, but assume it's just the neighbors upstairs, who I hear now and then. Nothing out of the ordinary. I put in headphones and listen to music to drown it out. After a minute or so, I realize that I can still hear the voice even with my earbuds on. I take them off, wondering why the neighbors are being so loud. I VERY clearly hear the tapping and someone saying my name. Doubting myself or thinking its my imagination, I freeze and keep listening. Once I hear my name three times, I text the only four friends who know where I live and they all assure me they are home and not pranking me.

    Freaking out, I call my boyfriend and beg him to come over. He's there faster than he's ever been, since I was clearly scared. I get dressed and we walk around my apartment building together to investigate with flashlights. We find that someone had set up a lawn chair outside my bedroom window so that they could stand on it and look down through my blinds into my bedroom. This could have been going on for any amount of time, and whoever it was could have been watching me change clothes, masturbate, f**k, sleep, or whatever without me knowing.

    I'm on mobile and my thumbs are tired, so long story short: After more incidents like the one described above, my boyfriend catches a guy hanging outside my apartment after I asked him to come over because I was being harassed again. Turns out, the guy who was bugging me lived in the same building as me. I immediately recognized him because the same guy had been sending me creepy messages on Facebook for about a month that I had just been ignoring (saying things like "you're so beautiful," "can we meet?," "I've seen you around," etc.) I went to the cops and we agreed that he must have seen me around the apartments and decided to find me on Facebook (our mailboxes have our names on the inside lid) and started creeping on my apartment.

    He now has been instructed to have no contact me whatsoever, or I can call the police and he will be charged and arrested. I have since flipped the blinds the other way, got curtains on all of my windows, blocked his ass on Facebook, and purchased a baseball bat. My apartment building says they won't kick him out, so I'm currently looking for another place to live :/

  • 3. Tree Washing


    "The lady across the road from me was washing the f**king trees in her front lawn with a f**king mop"



  • 4. Poisoning Neighbors With Shrooms


    "I've been waiting for this one. When I was 24, I was living by myself for the first time in a studio on the ground floor in Hurst, TX. Had been living there for about 6 months, and knew that a couple lived next door, but had never spoken to them other than the customary "sup/hey" passing on the sidewalk.

    One day, out of the blue, they brought me half a pizza. They said they saw my Vikings decorations on my car and were congratulating me on the win that day (2009 playoffs round 2). I have always been a recluse, so I thought maybe this was normal behavior for neighbors trying to establish friendship. I ate two pieces of the pizza before I noticed the female peeking in through my window (I kept the blinds up on this one 24/7 because my cat's condo tree was right next to it). I didn't know what the h*ll was going on, but thought that maybe she was trying to see whether I was enjoying the pizza or not, and so I pretended I hadn't seen her and ate a third piece. Then I saw her head creep up again from the corner of my eye, and briefly saw an arm in a blue hoodie that I knew belonged to the male, and I immediately thought "They poisoned the pizza. I am being poisoned. My neighbors are trying to murder me." Right after I thought this, I noticed for the first time a weird woody/musty taste that I was shocked I hadn't noticed before.

    I knew they were watching me, so I put the half-eaten piece back in the open box on my coffee table, stood up as calmly as I could, stretched to try and show that I was at ease, and made my way to the bathroom, where I slammed the door and immediately attempted to make myself vomit. The thing is, I don't really have a gag reflex, and even though I managed to make myself retch a few times, I didn't throw up. So I drank half a gallon of water (which did make me vomit), then laid in the bathtub with my phone ready to call poison control if I felt anything strange at all. I ended up falling asleep there for a couple hours, and woke up fine.

    Several weeks later my neighbors couldn't take the suspense anymore and admitted that they'd put shrooms on the pizza, because they thought the batch they'd bought were duds and wanted to test them on me. Months later when he had actually become friends, I asked why they hadn't simply asked me over to try them, and they said it was much more exciting to slip them to me and watch to see if I would trip balls. I ended up doing shrooms with them once more and had a great time. Haven't talked to them since I moved in 2013, but they were pretty great people. Weirdos, though, the both of them".

  • 5. Animal Hoarder

    u/ B24Liberator:

    "I grew up in a small town. Weirdo neighbor moves in, and gets a dog. Okay, that's fine. Next thing we know, neighbor has 5 dogs.

    Then neighbor gets 3 cows, and puts them to pasture in a small area next to my parent's house. My mom knew neighbor didn't have animal rights, and was tired of smelly cows right next to her house and dogs barking all day. My mom went to the city to complain. They must have told neighbor to get rid of his cows, because the next day I hear the most awful bellowing. I look outside to see neighbor with the cows tied to his fence, shooting them with a crossbow. I called the police and animal control, who sent someone to humanely kill the cows.

    Our interference must have pissed neighbor off, because he spray painted "F**k You All" on the side of his house, facing my parent's house"

  • 6. Garden Thief

    u/ VandWW:

    "My neighbour came into my back yard when she thought we (university students) had gone home for the summer. I still lived in the house. In fact, I was sitting by the window when she entered or back yard. I thought nothing of it - I chalked it up to her looking for her cat.

    I went back to reading my book and completely forgot about her until I saw movement out of the corner of my eye some while later. She was walking out if my backyard with all our plants.

    She stole our garden. I was so astounded that I just sat there and stared at her. I never even tried to stop her"