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Pretty Good Horror Movies On Netflix That Make Viewers Say, 'WTF Is Happening?'

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Sometimes you see something and think, "WTF did I just watch?" This could be a movie with a shocking ending, or a movie that is full of twists and turns, or simply a movie where a lot of bizarre stuff happens without much explanation. These are often the films you're most likely to tweet or text your friends about. After all, when you see something you just can't believe and you want to know if your friends can see it, too, right? If you're looking for some decent WTF horror movies on Netflix that will make you hit the phone with an "OMG - what did I just watch?" we've got a few suggestions.

  • It starts off with a standard spooky premise: A pair of father and son morticians begin an autopsy on a body brought to them from a crime scene - a body with neither an identity nor apparent cause of death. It gets weirder as the particulars of the violent scene wherein the body was found are revealed, and weirder still as strange things begin to happen around the funeral home.

    As the titular autopsy progresses, the enigma surrounding the fate of Jane Doe deepens, and the father and son get pulled further into a strange, supernatural mystery that is peeled back layer by layer - sometimes literally. For those looking for a cozy fireside ghost story that goes places they don't expect, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a mind-bending treat from Norwegian director André Øvredal (TrollhunterScary Stories to Tell in the Dark). 

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    Tusk is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Pretty Good Horror Movies On Netflix That Make Viewers Say, 'WTF Is Happening?'
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    Depending on who you are, calling Kevin Smith's 2014 horror feature Tusk even "pretty good" might be going a bit too far, but this strange story is bound to make you shake your head and go, "WTF?" at least once or twice before it's over. It's based on a sort-of true story about an ad Smith had read that offered free room and board in Brighton for anyone who was willing to dress as a walrus. The film Tusk follows an obnoxious podcast host (Justin Long) who travels to Canada to interview "the Kill Bill Kid" only to instead find himself at the estate of a reclusive former sailor (Michael Parks).

    The first part unfolds as a standard enough slow-burn horror movie, as the sailor tells our protagonist the story of how he was saved from a doomed ship by a walrus he named Mr. Tusk. Where things get really weird is when the sailor reveals his plans for his now-captive audience: He's going to sew him into a walrus suit made of human skin, then condition him to behave like a human walrus. You'd think that would be as weird as things get, but no. If you aren't asking yourself what Smith was thinking (and/or smoking) by the time Johnny Depp's character shows up, we're not sure what to tell you.

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    The Perfection

    The Perfection is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Pretty Good Horror Movies On Netflix That Make Viewers Say, 'WTF Is Happening?'
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    This twisty and bizarre revenge thriller is turning heads (and occasionally stomachs) on Netflix, even as reactions are divided between those who are ensnared by its twists and turns, and those who find it derivative or worse. Whatever your feelings about The Perfection, odds are you won't see everything coming from miles away, and you may find your brain a little melted by the time the credits roll.

    For those who like Korean revenge cinema, the films of French New Extremity, or the plot twists of Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden, The Perfection might be just the kind of mind-bending exercise in inhumanity that you're looking for.

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    Did you ever meet someone really weird? Maybe you can't completely put your finger on it, but you know something is definitely off, yet how do you excuse yourself from the situation? This 2014 horror flick from Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass takes that scenario as its starting point. It follows a videographer named Aaron (Brice) who heads up to a secluded house for a job taking videos of an odd man (Duplass) claiming to be doomed by cancer. But, of course, this is a horror film, so things go way off the rails before all is said and done.

    If you're looking for a "WTF" feeling that comes more from odd character behavior than strange plot developments or supernatural happenings, then Creep might just be right up your alley. If nothing else, you'll probably never forget meeting Peachfuzz.

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