The Most WTF Japan Photos Ever

Ah, Japan - home to cutting edge technology, couture fashion, cool cars, and the best food ever. But Japan is about more than just their amazing sushi and kawaii (cute) products. In fact, the whole culture of Japan seems to revolve around some weird and taboo stuff. Just take a look at some of the advertisements, products, and lifestyle photos on this list, and you'll see how wacky Japanese culture really is. There's even a picture of some ancient (and very real) fart art. Fart art? WTF Japan, seriously?

Whether it's a new, ridiculous contraption meant to tighten the muscles on your face, weird and wild fashion subcultures, or just some questionable marketing involving underage schoolgirls, you can count on Japan to deliver the weird factor. Good thing ramen and sushi are still the simple staples they've always been - no need to interject tentacle porn into either of those things, okay Japan?

You've been visiting boring zoos and eating normal bags of Doritos. Meanwhile in Japan, they're cruising through museums of frozen (but maybe still alive?) animals and eating chips that advocate kicks to the balls. Not sure what that means? You'll find out soon enough. Help rate these WTF Japan pictures by upvoting the most outrageous ones. Who knows, you may even be inspired to do a little traveling!