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Ashley Reign

Being a runway model seems like a great, glamorous job. You get to wear expensive clothes, try out new looks, and have people fawn over you. But for male runway models, it's not all fun and games. They may be surrounded by the world's most beautiful people, but male models also have to put up with some of the craziest designer outfits ever dreamed up. You may have aspirations of becoming a model yourself, but before you go auditioning, you may want to look at these funny pictures of male models decked out in WTF runway fashion.

These outfits may look like they came straight from scenes from Zoolander, but they are definitely real. So if you’ve always longed for the glamorous life of a runway star,  these funny runway photos may convince you otherwise. No classy suits or tapered jeans on this list. Nope, it's all pants-less matador jackets, male tube dresses, and slinky pants from here on out. Your office job isn't looking so bad now, huh?

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WTF Male Model Runway Pictures That Are Just Baffling