wrestling The 7 Most WTF Moments on Raw (3-14-2016)  

Jordan Bates
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What happened on WWE Raw this week? Well, here are the 7 most WTF moments from the March 14th 2016 edition. Wrestlemania is nearly here and things are getting even more "wait...wtf?" than usual. From Taker and Shane McMahon, to Roman Reigns in one of the most boring feuds ever, Raw was certainly a sight to see this week.

Anyway, I watch Raw. I like Raw. I like wrestling. A lot. These are my opinions, but what do you think about what went down on Raw last night? You can vote up my opinions if you more or less agree with me if you want... or just leave a comment! 
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Roman Pushed Charles

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During his little temper tantrum, mostly directed at Triple H, Roman Reigns pushed Referee Charles Robinson and knocked him to the ground.

This is unforgivable.

You. Don't. Touch. Referee. Charles. Robinson.

You are a mean boy, Roman Reigns.
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Chris Jericho Pushed Charles

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Shortly after Roman Reigns Pushed Charles Robinson, Chris Jericho pushed Charles Robinson. What is going on? Everyone leave Charles alone, please. This is really getting out of hand.
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The Increasingly Curious Case of Lana

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What is going on with Lana? She's a woman without a country at this point. She's not with Rusev, she's not with Dolph... she's not on Total Divas, and she doesn't wrestle. So, for all intents and purposes, she has nothing to do and nowhere to be. However, she keeps on messing with Brie Bella. For... no reason? She messed with Brie again tonight and then she interupted Paige backstage and then it looked like Team B.A.D had her back.... for no reason (that is currently clear). What are we all watching? Why do I care about Lana? Please don't tell me I'll have to sit through a Lana vs. Brie match at Wrestlemania. I really can't take it.
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Treading Water Until Hell in a Cell

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Personally, I don't care. I don't care about who is supposed to be good or who is supposed to be bad. Is Taker really in cahoots with Vince? Is he not? Is he just an outlaw that will fight any and all comers regardless if the fans like him or not like Shane O' Mac? Why would he try to prevent Shane from taking over the company? Does he not care at all? Does he just want to fight?

Again... I don't care. Tread that water, baby! I'm excited for the match, even though... I mean, wtf, what is going on? Who cares! It's wrestling. Sometimes it's best to just turn your brain off and enjoy it!