Wrestling 5 Most WTF Moments from Raw (3-21-2016)  

Jordan Bates
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What happened on WWE Raw this week? Well, here are the 5 most WTF moments from the March 21st 2016 edition. Wrestlemania is nearly here and things are getting even more "wait...wtf?" than usual. From Taker and Shane McMahon, to Roman Reigns in one of the most increasingly boring feuds ever, to whatever Golden Truth is, Raw was certainly a sight to see this week. Fandango?Anyway, I watch Raw. I like Raw. I like wrestling. A lot. These are my opinions, but what do you think about what went down on Raw last night? You can vote up my opinions if you more or less agree with me if you want... or just leave a comment!
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Worst Main Event in Raw History?

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I love Dean Ambrose. I think he should be fighting (and winning) the title at Wrestlemania. But this main event was a disaster. In one of the final Raws before Wrestlemania, you have Dean Ambrose vs. .... Braun Strowman??? A guy who is enormous, sure, but hasn't shown that he can really even do a single wrestling move? Braun might be great in the future, but he certainly isn't great at the moment.

No Brock Lesnar? WWE couldn't work getting Brock to show up to all of these Raws before Wrestlemania to make the match feel more personal? I guess not. Instead we got a meaningless, and crappy match between WWE's hottest face, and some big guy no one has a reason to care about yet. And then when that little logo in the bottom right corner popped up to signify the end of Raw, what was onscreen? Just Dean Ambrose talking to Paul Heyman. Just two bros talking. Wow! Great! Exciting!
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Who put him on Raw?
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Zack Ryder and Sin Cara

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Obviously adding these two the IC belt scene is symptomatic of all of these injuries to the WWE roster. Clearly, Sin Cara in this situation is clearly supposed to be Neville, and Zack Ryder is supposed to be, well, I don't know who.

But these were the next guys on the list? Where is Tyler Breeze??
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Here is Natalya vs. Charlotte again. The two Divas that have had the arguably the best women's matches in WWE history. But Natalya isn't in the title picture at Wrestlemania. Because... why would she be?

Looks like Natalya is going to get slammed into some 8 or 9 or 10 Diva tag match with Lana and Brie and Wrestlemania, and I just think she deserves better than that. Here's to hoping Nattie is on to bigger and better things post-'Mania.

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