sports The 5 Most WTF Moments from Raw (3-28-2016)  

Jordan Bates
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What happened on WWE Raw this week? Well, here are the 5 most WTF moments from the March 28th 2016 edition. Wrestlemania is on Sunday and things are getting even more "" than usual. From Taker and Shane McMahon, to Roman Reigns in one of the most increasingly boring feuds ever, to whatever whatever Dean Ambrose is up to, Raw was certainly a sight to see this week. What was up with that Brooklyn crowd? Anyway, I watch Raw. I like Raw. I like wrestling. A lot. These are my opinions, but what do you think about what went down on Raw last night? You can vote up my opinions if you more or less agree with me if you want... or just leave a comment!
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Shane McMahon. Lunatic.

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I am worried. Very worried. Genuinely, actually, extremely worried that Wrestlemania this Sunday will actually be a snuff film. If this is the lead up, this insane elbow drop from a 46 year old man on to a 51 year old man, then what are these two men going to do on Sunday to save InjuryMania from obscurity? Shane McMahon is a lunatic. The Undertaker has proven again and again that he will sacrifice everything in his body for the fans and for the WWE. ... Who else will be biting their nails through it on Sunday?
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Dean Ambrose Goes Shopping

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Let's look at this segment (which actually was done perfectly in my opinion) realistically:

Here's what this segment suggests is happening in real life, Dean Ambrose is traveling from Brooklyn to Dallas by foot, with a little red wagon in tow, picking up baseball bats, chainsaws, and steel steps along the way.

So, if you're looking for Dean Ambrose... just check every arena in between Brooklyn and Dallas. He'll be there. Mining for foreign objects.
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Triple H and Roman

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Who cares? Has there ever been a more boring lead up to a more boring main event in Wrestlemania history? And what was this mess of a locker room clearing brawl? If you want to see how that's done, I suggest looking at how Brock and 'Taker did it.

This main event is an unmitigated disaster. I'm saying that and I want nothing more than to enjoy it. I love wrestling. I love WWE. ... I can't wait for these guys to make me eat my words on Sunday. Truly, I can't. Being wrong about matches, and being proven wrong by two men at the top of their craft is the best part of being a wrestling fan.
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New York crowds are always great. Brooklyn specifically has proven to be a great crowd in the last few years. But what was this all about, Brooklyn? You started going rogue during THIS match? A match with Dolph Ziggler (great), Kevin Owens (great), Sami Zayn (great), and Stardust (great)? These are the guys you are supposed to love. These are the good guys. Okay, whatever, Brooklyn. I'll just consider it an anomaly.