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The Most Metal Stories About The Members Of Slipknot

Updated 16 Apr 2020 740.8k views14 items

If you need more evidence that Slipknot is nuts, besides watching nine masked Iowans in jumpsuits pumping out death metal riffs and drumming on trash cans, read these true stories about the maggot-loving, corpse-huffing, substance-and-alcohol vacuums in Slipknot. The band has been a mainstay on the metal scene since the late '90s when they appeared out of the American heartland like a real-life extreme metal horror freak show version of Devo, screaming about how much they hate everything until they were coughing up blood. True Slipknot stories more than live up to that description. 

Somewhat improbably, Slipknot hit the zeitgeist; the band obliterated nu-metal peers by making real metal cool again. Their music is pure catharsis in the form of metal.

Slipknot has continued its scurge on mainstream music ever since its debut. If you think the band members are getting soft more than two decades into their career, think again: these WTF stories show their proclivity for setting things on fire, drinking stuff you’re not supposed to drink, and fighting with knives. If you think the masks, screaming, and anti-social nihilism is an act, you'd be wrong. 

Some gonzo stories about Slipknot will trigger those of weak constitution, so if you have issues with people eating a rotten bird corpse or drinking puke, you may want to read some less wild celebrity stories. If you’re still here, you’re ready to dive into the infernal swamp of Slipknot.  

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