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List of Wurstfilm movies, listed alphabetically with film trailers when available. Wurstfilm has produced some popular movies, so film buffs can use this list to find a few that they haven't already seen. This best Wurstfilm movies list displays shorts as well as feature films made by Wurstfilm, including theatrical releases, limited releases, and made-for-TV Wurstfilm movies.

Examples of movies on this list: L.A. Zombie, Fuck Freight and more.

If you want to answer the questions, "What movies did Wurstfilm produce?" and "What films did Wurstfilm distribute?" then this list can help you out.

Druck im Schlauch

Actors: Marcel Schlutt

Initial Release: 2006

Directed by: Christian Slaughter


Freaks 1

Initial Release: 2004

Directed by: Mayk IV


Freaks 2

Initial Release: 2005

Directed by: Mayk IV

Actors: Rick Belour

Initial Release: 2006

Directed by: Mayk IV

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