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For over six decades, the WWE has been broadcasting the wacky world of professional wrestling to the entire world. In that time, all the WWE behind-the-scenes stories have earned a reputation as being just as insane as the scripted storylines shot for the cameras. There's certainly no shortage of strange stories about the WWE, whether it's the talent snorting cookies or wrestlers throwing down with Vince McMahon, the company's owner, on a commercial airplane.

As fans of the show already know, part of the WWE's shtick is blurring the line between fantasy and reality in their performances (and in the conversation surrounding those performances). Still, the following WWE secrets were generally not part of any storyline and are believed to be true - even if someone getting a bottle smashed over their head in a bar fight sounds like something better suited to the squared circle.

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In 1988, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty first came to the WWE as The Midnight Rockers  - and they brought a reputation along with them. The general consensus was that Michaels and Jannetty were inconsiderate party animals. Unfortunately, Michaels and Jannetty did very little to prove their colleagues wrong. After one of their first nights at the company, the duo went out and got into a pretty serious bar fight. 

Michaels ended up getting trashed and smashing a bottle over his own head. After boss Vince McMahon heard about what happened at the bar, he fired The Midnight Rockers, ending their first run in the WWF after only a few weeks. Still, McMahon must've had a soft spot for Michaels because he rehired the duo in 1988, now known simply as The Rockers.

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On his podcast, Chris Jericho discussed seeing the Ultimate Warrior crushing up cookies at catering and sniffing the crumbs before throwing all the crumbs away. If this seems confusing, consider for a moment how in shape most wrestlers need to be. To maintain their respective physiques, diet and exercise become necessary - but everybody has to give in to temptation every once in a while. Still, Ultimate Warrior wasn't about to cave by actually eating desserts.

By crumbling them up and getting a nice full whiff of them, he could somehow satisfy his sweet tooth without adding to his calorie count.

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Bruce Prichard Once Brought A Piece To A WWE Taping

You may not know Bruce Prichard, but he was a major part of the WWE for over two decades. In the late '80s, he performed as Brother Love before becoming became a backstage player, producing vignettes and taped spots for the show. According to Prichard, he lost his job after bringing a piece to a WWE taping in 2008.

He explained on his podcast that he needed to fly back home with it and that he was waiting for someone to bring a lockbox to him. Prichard says that when Stephanie McMahon found out about it, she took a week to think about what to do with him before ultimately cutting him loose. At the time, no reason was given for his dismissal. 

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Chris Jericho And Bill Goldberg Supposedly Got In A Major Backstage Fight

In 2003, Bill Goldberg signed a deal with the WWE to come in for one year, and fans were anticipating amazing things - but there was one guy at WWE who wasn't excited for the new arrival. According to Chris Jericho's autobiography, the two wrestlers had always had a rocky relationship that went all the way back to their WCW days in the late '90s. When Goldberg came in, Jericho was already a top guy in the industry who wanted to put the past behind him and do business with the new talent. But Goldberg didn't see it that way.

From his perspective, Goldberg didn't think that Jericho would "sell" for him, meaning that he wouldn't act professionally enough to make their match look legitimate, and this got under Jericho's skin in a big way. When Jericho confronted Goldberg about his comments backstage, the former football player lunged at Jericho. After some grappling, Jericho got Goldberg in a front face lock and body scissors. The fight got broken up and the two worked together again later that year, but their relationship in the WWE definitely got off on the wrong foot.