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WWE Divas Without Makeup On

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WWE Divas photos! Sure, you love the WWE. You love wrestling. You love the WWE Divas. Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? The WWE are super hot! And these are the hottest WWE Divas without makeup. Why? Because of your morbid curiosity is why. You see these amazingly hot and amazingly athletic girls on TV every week, but haven't you ever wanted to see WWE Paige without make up? Can you imagine Eva Marie with no makeup on? Well, both of those WWE Divas are on this list with no makeup on. So you can look and see for yourself what these ladies look like without makeup on or with very little makeup on. Which makeup-free photo is the most surprising to you? 

Some of these pics were clearly taken with a bit of makeup on but it is certainly way less makeup or very different makeup than you are used to seeing painted all over the WWE Divas' faces.