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The Greatest Pro Wrestling Catchphrases of the '90s

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The '90s provided one of the hottest periods in pro wrestling and television as a whole. Every Monday night would showcase top-level wrestlers talking trash and ending promos with their signature catchphrases. These character quotes would generally help build up excitement for the in-ring action, sell tickets to live shows, and make millions in merchandise sales. Many wrestlers from WWE, WCW, and ECW became household names due to simple slogans, witty one-liners, or mat-based mission statements. What are your favorite WWE catchphrases of all time? Be sure to vote up your favorites!

So let's sing-a-long with The Rock and decide which pro wrestling catchphrases, wrestling quotes, and wrestling slogans conquered the '90s.
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    Making his debut in 1990, The Undertaker has been burying opponents and laying them to rest for over 25 years. While his character changed from zombie to cult leader to biker to undead MMA fighter and back again, the catchphrase remained unchanged. When fans and opponents heard the Undertaker wish them rest, you knew the mood was about to change. 

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    The Hitman's catchphrase worked whether it was as the confident underdog babyface or cocky arrogant heel. While not known for his promos, Hart was able to use this catchphrase to draw focus to his much lauded in-ring work rather than his quiet demeanor. For many fans and peers, Hart's boast of being the best wasn't a boast, but a simple truth.
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    During Austin’s late-90s babyface run, and subsequent runs after that, he would invite the audience to weigh in on his next hell-raising antic. This call-and-response phrase would emit a loud, unified “HELL YEAH!” that would reach all the way to the rafters. This isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s the ‘90s pro wrestling version of the game Marco Polo.

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    While recognized for his late-80s run, the Million Dollar Man still showed off his wealth in the early-90s and carried it over when managing the Million Dollar Corporation and the nWo in the remaining decade. DiBiase’s phrase was the cold evil truth of capitalism, compounded by his signature “Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!” comic book villain laugh. Regardless of the cost, you knew that when DiBiase was done that everybody was gonna pay.

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