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WWE Superstars Who Deserve To Be In The Hall Of Fame

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Since 1993, the WWE Hall of Fame has inducted some of the greatest professional wrestlers and industry personalities in the business. Icons like Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin are among the growing list of big-name inductees, with more superstars joining the prestigious halls every year. But while the WWE’s Hall of Fame alumni might include a number of classic characters, there are a handful of other inductees that have definitely been cause for controversy. 

It’s no secret that WWE owner Vince McMahon loves celebrity crossovers, but the fact that the WWE has inducted so many celebrities who had very little to do with the company has left a number of fans feeling salty. Celebs like Kid Rock, Drew Carey, Pete Rose, and even Donald Trump are all bona fide WWE Hall of Fame members, while icons like The Undertaker and John Cena are left in the dust.

This list includes some of the greatest superstars in pro wrestling history. While some may be bigger than others, they’ve all played a pivotal role in making the WWE what it is today. Vote up all the superstars you feel deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and vote down all the ones you think should stay out of the spotlight.

  • The Undertaker
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    WWE Debut: November 22nd, 1990

    No one has left more of a legacy in the WWE than the Undertaker. For over three decades the Undertaker has been a main eventer for the almost every Pay-Per-View. He's won multiple world titles, tag team titles, and even had a 21-match winning steak at Wrestlemania. Undertaker is also arguably one of the greatest and most original gimmicks that was ever created, having a staying power that no one could've predicted almost 30 years ago.

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  • Dwayne Johnson
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    WWE Debut: November 17th, 1996

    The Rock is an five-time WWE Champion, two-time Intercontinental champion, five-time WWE Tag Team champion, a Royal Rumble winner, and, oh yeah, THE BIGGEST MOVIE STAR ON THE PLANET! The Rock is the biggest crossover Hollywood star in pro wrestling history and it's only a matter of the Rock having time to properly accept his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

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    • The Big Show
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      WWE debut: February 14th, 1999

      The Big Show is one of the greatest big men to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He's been with the WWE for two decades and has won just about every men's title they have (except for the cruiserweight, of course). When the Big Show enters the WWE Hall of Fame it'll be well earned. 

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    • Kane
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      WWE Debut: June 26th, 1995 as Dr. Issaac Yankem, October 5th, 1997 as Kane

      Kane has left his mark for over 22 years as being one of the most popular and most unforgettable characters in WWE history. A character that could've been a throwaway gimmick if it was mishandled during his initial storyline became one of the most accomplished and decorated. Kane has multiple title reigns, memorable matches, and feuds that people still talk about to this day. In fact, Kane has made an impact in and out of the ring as he's now the actual mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Through hellfire and brimstone, Kane will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. Maybe.    


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