Graveyard Shift

Here Are The Most 'X-Files' Worthy Experiences People Have Ever Had

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We have all experienced the paranormal at least once in our lives. Whether it be a rendezvous with a spirit, a sinister shadow lurking in the basement, or a strange sight in the sky, we've all had a brush with what can only be described as an X-Files experience.

Plenty of folks on Reddit have described their creepy true stories that belong on the X-Files. Many of them can recall the experience vividly, as their encounters with the strange and surreal are seared into their memories. These X-Files experience stories are so strange and freaky that they have followed these people for most of their lives. Some are tales of spirits speaking, while others are about figures that simply vanished. While many of these Redditors are left with many questions after their encounters, they know one thing for sure: the truth is out there.