26 Things You Didn't Know About The X-Files

Few television shows achieved the cult classic level of The X-Files. At one time, it was the longest running North American sci-fi TV show, and it still has legions of fans all over the world to this day. But what tiny trivia facts and behind-the-scenes tidbits might you have missed? Travel back in time with FBI agents Mulder and Scully, and find out about some cool X-Files trivia from one of the most popular '90s shows and most iconic television series of all time. 

The truth is in here as we reveal what prompted producer Chris Carter to create the show, how the iconic theme song came together, which actors the network wanted out, and much more on this list of X-Files facts.

This award-winning scifi series is wildly popular, but there are plenty of things you might not know about the beloved show. So read on and get to know The X-Files even better!