Real Life Mysteries That Seem Straight Out of X-Files

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The TV show The X-Files might seem like the stuff of pure imagination, but in fact, many of the episodes were partly based on real-life X-files, or cases with a seemingly supernatural bent. However, it seems the show's creator Chris Carter and its host of writers missed a few true X-files during the show's original nine seasons, plus the revival season that aired in 2016. So, with another season now in development at Fox, perhaps the writers can base a few episodes on these 22 X-files true stories compiled from a Reddit thread.

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    The Gelatinous Blobs of Oakville

    "Gelatinous blobs fell from the sky in Oakville, WA, in the early 90's that made people sick and killed some animals. After testing it was shown to contain human white blood cells."
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    The Cross-Shaped Hole

    "In a village in Sweden called Röjdn there's a cross-shaped "hole" in the ground that won't go away. Over many years people tried to digg it out, fill it up, etc. but it comes back. Nothing grows there, and if you plan something in it it dies."
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    The Mary Celeste

    "The Mary Celeste was an American merchant brigantine that was found adrift and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Azores Islands, Portugal, on December 4, 1872, by the Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia. She was in a disheveled but seaworthy condition, under partial sail, with no one on board, and her lifeboat missing. The last log entry was dated ten days earlier. She had left New York City for Genoa on November 7, and on discovery was still amply provisioned.

    "Her cargo of denatured alcohol was intact, and the captain's and crew's personal belongings were undisturbed. None of those who had been on board—the captain and his wife, their two-year-old daughter, and the crew of seven—were ever seen or heard from again."

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    A Personal Abduction Account

    "When I was a kid, like two-ish, I had this dream of a man I called 'Big Daddy' because he looked like a large version of my dad. In the dream, he lifted me up over his head, held me there for what seemed like a few seconds, and dropped me. I recall the dream vividly but not the aftermath, which my parents filled me in on. They heard a super loud thud come from my room, so they ran in and found me several feet away from my bed and both my ears were bleeding. My bed was a car bed that was only about a foot off the ground and it had walls on the side to prevent falling out of it. There was no way falling out of my bed would've made that loud of a noise let alone the likelihood of me falling out of it to begin with.

    "I'm pretty sure I was abducted. After that day, I had extremely vivid nightmares about black panthers (not sure why that creature) watching me from outside my window or in the house sometimes. They happened a few times per month and completely stopped when we moved. I remember those dreams more than any other dreams I've ever had in my life. I tell this story all the time as my campfire ghost story, but I've always been tempted to get hypnotic regression therapy to see if I could look passed the disguises of whatever it was that was in my dreams to see what was really happening."

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    The Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania.

    "Visitors to the forest often report intense feelings of anxiety and the feeling of being constantly watched. Moreover, the local vegetation is somehow bizarre in appearance, like something out of a make-believe story with strangely shaped trees, and unexplained charring on tree stumps and branches. 

    "The forest was named after a shepherd that disappeared in the area with a flock of two hundred sheep. Most people who live near the forest are afraid to enter it due to the stories and legends that have been handed down. They believe that those who visit the site will never return back home. Many of the locals who have been brave enough to venture into the forest complained of physical harm, including rashes, nausea, vomiting, migraines, burns, scratches, anxiety, and other unusual sensations."

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    Gloria Ramirez Emits Toxic Fumes

    "A woman, Gloria Ramirez, was brought into the ER suffering from late-stage cervical cancer. Her body had an oily sheen to it, her breath smelled like fruity garlic, her blood samples smelled like ammonia and had floating particles in it. Most of the people who worked on her got sick themselves."
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