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X-Files Storylines That Never Aired

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The X-Files provided seven seasons of strange, eerie, and sometimes terrifying television, but what if some of the craziest storylines never made it out of the writer's room? Writers of the series came up with a lot of groundbreaking episode ideas, but you might be even more amazed at what they decided not to film - a secret origin story, a new horror franchise, crossovers with other TV shows, and even a mind-blowing alliance between two of horror's most iconic characters. This list of unfilmed episodes will have you looking at the series in a completely different way, and might even give you the urge to write fan fiction about what might have been.
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    Mulder Gets Abducted

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    David Duchovny dreamed of writing and directing an episode in which Mulder is abducted, and seen trapped in an alien spaceship. The episode would explain Duchovny's absence from the show after he left. Unfortunately, he was on rocky ground with series creator Chris Carter after leaving, and Carter flatly told Duchovny he wasn't interested in such an episode because it didn't feature Dogget, the character who replaced Mulder. Ouch.
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    Ancient Aliens Nearly Crashed the X-Files Party

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    The "Ancient Aliens" theory is worth big bucks these days, with the History Channel devoting an entire series to it. Back in the mid '90s, however, it was considered cuckoo crazy. That didn't stop cameraman DW Panone from submitting a script about it, entitled "The Song of the Sun." The idea had some legs; it was passed around by producers and writers of the show. In fact, the only reason it was turned down was budgetary concerns. It goes to show that there are no rewards for being ahead of your time.
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    "Little Green Men" (From Moscow with Love)

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    Chris Carter wanted the season 2 opener to follow Mulder as he discovers a mysterious radar signal, which he travels to Moscow to investigate. Carter's vision never came to fruition; among other things, going to Moscow would have been too expensive. So, with Carter's blessing, the concept was reworked by writers Morgan and Wong, who, among other things, changed the setting to Puerto Rico. 
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    The Victor Eugene Tooms Origin Story No One Read

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    Actor Doug Hutchinson, who portrayed recurring X-Files villain Victor Eugene Tooms, wrote an origins story script for his character. In an interview for a 1996 issue of the X-Files Magazine, Hutchinson explained his story: "He is an incarnation of a ravenous, liver-eating Central American Indian God in an experiment to find out how he could remain so young and immortal; he was infused with a drug that backfired and he ended up escaping the asylum. So now he’s eating livers like M&Ms – he’s on a rampage!" 

    Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, no one at Fox could even read the script, so the idea was shelved. 
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