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The Cast of The X-Files: Where Are They Now?

Updated November 1, 2019 93.4k views40 items
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Ever wondered what happened to your favorite cast members from the The X-Files? Sure, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have had busy, high-profile Hollywood careers since the hit Fox scifi series ended, but what ever happened to the actors who portrayed Skinner, Alex Krycek, John Doggett, and Mr. X?

We're hitting the rewind button to take a look back at some of the main and supporting characters from the hit '90s TV show The X-Files. Also on this before and after list are a few actors who made memorable guest appearances, including Peter Boyle, Brad Dourif and Tom Noonan and of course, The Lone Gunmen! 

How many cast members met their future spouses on the set of The X-Files? How many former X-Files actors went on to star on crime shows like Law & Order or CSI? Have any given up acting altogether? The truth is in here!

Read on to find out what your favorite members of the full X-Files cast are doing today. You might be surprised to learn where they've popped up!