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Here's Which X-Men Character You Are, According To The Zodiac

Updated August 9, 2019 51.7k views12 items
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If you had the X-Gene and suddenly transformed into one of Marvel's X-Men, who would you be? You might be able to tell which X-Men character you are based on the zodiac. Astrology studies the night sky and how it impacts events here on Earth, so why couldn't it tell you which member of the X-Men you are?

Astrology has a lot to say about our personality styles, and it can reveal much about who we are. It can share all the wonderful stuff about us, like whether we'd fight for the Galactic Rebellion or alongside the Avengers, and it can tell us the not-so-great aspects of our personalities, like what kind of horror villain we could become. Every zodiac sign has its ups and downs, just like the members of the X-Men.