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Here's Which X-Men Character You Are, According To The Zodiac

If you had the X-Gene and suddenly transformed into one of Marvel's X-Men, who would you be? You might be able to tell which X-Men character you are based on the zodiac. Astrology studies the night sky and how it impacts events here on Earth, so why couldn't it tell you which member of the X-Men you are?

Astrology has a lot to say about our personality styles, and it can reveal much about who we are. It can share all the wonderful stuff about us, like whether we'd fight for the Galactic Rebellion or alongside the Avengers, and it can tell us the not-so-great aspects of our personalities, like what kind of horror villain we could become. Every zodiac sign has its ups and downs, just like the members of the X-Men.

  • Aries is a leader with the headstrong will to back it up, so the Ram has a knack for blasting through obstacles and sometimes pushing a little too hard. As a result, their partners and collaborators may get bruised during their bold and stubborn campaigns.

    Wolverine is always willing to use brute force to get the job done. Sometimes, his resolution grates on his teammates, but he always feels that his methods are the most effective, even when the consequences are great. Being that unbending might force you into a depressing future in the middle of nowhere, but that's just the kind of redemption arc an Aries loves.

  • Taurus has patience and persistence on their side, but they can be a bit possessive and self-indulgent. They like their own things, and they don't like intruders. The Bull's possessiveness can lead to jealousy and resentment.

    Rogue has all the beneficial traits of a Taurus, but she also has some Bull baggage. She's mentored by Wolverine, so she gets to borrow some of his headstrong will while using her own restraint. But she can be more than a little jealous of anyone getting too close to her teammates - especially Iceman. 

  • Gemini loves to talk, share, and develop relationships. The sign of the Twins seeks partners and symbiosis, but their dualistic nature can leave them conflicted. At their best, a Gemini weighs two sides to make an informed decision, but at their worst, they can be inactive.

    Nightcrawler's Catholic faith means he is sometimes conflicted about his mutant powers, but he tries to use them for good. He's well-liked among his team, but his cooperative nature leaves him open to manipulation and even brainwashing. 

  • Cancer nurtures others well. Though they are cautious and self-protective due to their mood swings, they also fearlessly defend those they love. They often go with their gut, and that tends to pay off for the Crab.

    Storm has the power to manipulate the weather, and her moods can change just as quickly. She usually controls her feelings well, especially when motivating her fellow mutants. She lets her Cancer rage fly when the time comes, though, and woe to anyone who has to face her.