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22 Things You Didn't Know About Jean Grey

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Jean Grey is a founding member of the X-Men, and when you take a look back through the history of the group in all of incarnations you realize that she’s been one of the constants in a group rife with upheaval. Not many fans consider her their favorite mutant, but these Jean Grey facts illuminate just how wild her history really is. Seeing as how she’s had over fifty years of history in Marvel Comics, there's a lot to cover. Get ready to have your mind blown by these things you didn't know about Jean Grey.

Aside from swapping out her name every few years, Jean Grey has gone through many changes in the Marvel Comics universe. Most X-Men fans probably remember the Dark Phoenix saga, in which Jean was taken over by a cosmic energy that randomly turned evil one day, and kicked off a seemingly endless cycle of Jean perishing and being resurrected. But there’s so much more Dark Phoenix trivia waiting for you on this list.

Grey has done everything from help raise Apocalypse to watch her sister explode, and she even ate a solar system (seriously). After you read all of this crazy information about Jean Grey, she’s going to become your new favorite member of the X-Men.

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    She's One of Apocalypse's "Twelve"

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    When Apocalypse was trying to find a new body, he put out his feelers to find "The Twelve," a group of mutants whose abilities would be able to re-energize the godlike mutant and help him take on a new body. Along with Scott and Cable, Jean made up a third of the group. After his plan for a new body took a wrong turn, Apocalypse took over Cyclops's mind, ultimately forcing Jean to quit the X-Men. 
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    She Had Multiple Personality Disorder in the '80s

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    Who didn't though, right? Let's try to break this down: After Jean learned that Madelyne Prior was really her clone, she was forced to reintegrate the portion of herself that Phoenix had given to Madelyne. In the process, Jean took on the memories and personalities of both Madelyne and Phoenix. Obviously, this totally wrecked her relationship with Scott, seeing as how he had relationships with all three women.

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    She Has Died a Lot

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    Even for a comic book character, Jean dies a lot - at least once a decade since 1980. She committed suicide on the moon as Dark Phoenix, she was killed by Magneto impostor at the end of New X-Men, and then she died again in the White Phoenix of the Crown alternate timeline.
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    Jean Was the Sole Female Member of the X-Men Throughout the '60s

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    Part of the original line-up, Jean was introduced in X-Men #1, and remained the only woman on the team until Polaris was added in 1969.
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