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22 Things You Didn't Know About Jean Grey  

Jacob Shelton
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Jean Grey is a founding member of the X-Men, and when you take a look back through the history of the group in all of incarnations you realize that she’s been one of the constants in a group rife with upheaval. Not many fans consider her their favorite mutant, but these Jean Grey facts illuminate just how wild her history really is. Seeing as how she’s had over fifty years of history in Marvel Comics, there's a lot to cover. Get ready to have your mind blown by these things you didn't know about Jean Grey.

Aside from swapping out her name every few years, Jean Grey has gone through many changes in the Marvel Comics universe. Most X-Men fans probably remember the Dark Phoenix saga, in which Jean was taken over by a cosmic energy that randomly turned evil one day, and kicked off a seemingly endless cycle of Jean perishing and being resurrected. But there’s so much more Dark Phoenix trivia waiting for you on this list.

Grey has done everything from help raise Apocalypse to watch her sister explode, and she even ate a solar system (seriously). After you read all of this crazy information about Jean Grey, she’s going to become your new favorite member of the X-Men.

She's One of the Most Powerful Mutants in the Marvel Universe
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Jean has always been super powerful, but in the X-Men Forever series, it was revealed that Jean, along with a few other mutants, is an Omega Level mutant. This means that aside from wielding massive amounts of psionic energy, she may very well be immortal.

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The Shi'ar Hate Jean Grey
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After the Shi'ar (a planet of alien tough guys) saw Jean (as Dark Phoenix) go nuts and devour the five billion inhabitants of one of its planets, they pretty much declared all-out war on Jean. In the 2005 Phoenix: End Song series, a group of Shi'ar warriors attempt to destroy Phoenix, but in doing so, they accidentally bond Jean and the dark force once again. 
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She and Psylocke Have Bad Blood
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After the X-Men split into two teams in the '90s (Blue, captained by Cyclops, and Gold, led by Storm), Psylocke was constantly trying to hook up with Cyclops behind Jean's back. The feud came to a head when Psylocke used her psi-knife on Jean in X-Men Vol. 2 #20.

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Jean's Powers Manifested When She Saw a Friend Get Hit By a Car
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In virtually all iterations throughout her more than 50 years as a comic book character, Jean's powers always manifest when she sees her friend, Annie RIchardson, smashed by a car. During the accident, Jean mentally links with her friend and nearly dies, but her powers also act as a beacon to Professor Xavier. 

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