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15 Plot Holes In The 'X-Men' Movies That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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There have been a lot of comic book movie adaptations over the years, and to great success. X-Men will always stand out to us, though, and not just because of Hugh Jackman's lifelong career as our favorite mutant. With so many great characters and bountiful source material to pull from, it's not hard to see why the X-Men franchise was alive for so long. But, even within the best stories, there can be more than a few loose ends. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some plot holes from the X-Men films that made us go "Huh?" 

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    Magneto Should Have Been Holding Wolverine Down In 'Days Of Future Past'

    Photo: X-Men: Days of Future Past / 20th Century Studios

    From Redditor u/stormaggedon23:

    So when Wolverine was in his little "back to the future trance" and starts thrashing about and stabs Kitty, Magneto just sits there and says "Secure Him!" Why the heck didn't Magneto hold him down? We've seen multiple times that Magneto can control Wolverine's whole body. Gaping plot hole.

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    Cyclops Should Not Have Been Able To Access Cerebro

    Photo: X-Men / 20th Century Studios

    From Redditor u/SuperImposer:

    How did Scott (Cyclops) enter the Cerebro room with the eye scan? In the X-Men, we see that Scott can't open his eyes without having the attachment or his sunglasses on. So how exactly did he enter the room to stop Jean when entry required an eye scan?

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    Charles Should Have Been In A Wheelchair When Visiting Young Jean

    Photo: X-Men: The Last Stand / 20th Century Studios

    From Redditor u/jamestheman45:

    In the opening scene of X-Men, Magneto and Professor X meet with Jean Grey and her family he is seen walking. However in X-Men: First Class when MacTaggert shoots at Lensherr, a deflected bullet hits Xavier in the spine in which he claims he can never walk again. So, he is walking when he meets the Greys which is years after First Class - how is that?

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    Young Mystique Should Have Been Able To Steal Food From Anywhere

    Photo: X-Men: First Class / 20th Century Studios

    From Redditor u/missjeri

    Why would Mystique be starving? We just got disney+ a few weeks ago which inevitably triggered going down the rabbithole of watching old X-Men movies. I loved X-Men: First Class, but when Professor X and Raven first met as children, she had shapeshifted into his mom and impersonated her for a bit. When they became friends, it was revealed that she was stealing food because she was hungry. Uh, why couldn't she have just like, shapeshifted into a McDonalds employee and grabbed a burger or something? She was clever enough to impersonate Xavier's mom and break into a giant estate but she couldn't get herself fed otherwise?

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