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23 Things You Didn't Know About Psylocke

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Even if you’re not a huge X-Men fan, you recognize Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. After all, Olivia Munn is front and center as the comic book character. But just who is Psylocke? A lot of different things actually, she’s kind of the David Bowie of X-Men. The Psylocke trivia on this list isn’t just going to take you back to her origins as a British charter pilot, it’s also going to delve into that weird era of the '90s where every hero and villain was being killed and reinvented with reckless abandon. Before you do anything else with your life, these are some things you should know about Psylocke

Even more than most comic characters, Psylocke has gone through so many different iterations and retcons that it can be hard to keep up with who she is and what she can do. Aside from being split into multiple people and repeatedly having her powers changed, she’s been around since the late '70s, so there’s a lot of Psylocke facts to cover. If you want to get to know Psylocke a little better, check out this list of things you have to know about your new favorite X-Men character.

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    Olivia Munn Learned Swordfighting to Play Psylocke

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    To convincingly wield a sword made out of purple psionic energy in X-Men: Apocalypse, actress Olivia Munn didn't rely on purely on visual effects. Instead, she learned to actually use a sword.

    "I started training, doing six-seven hours a day of sword and tae kwon do, never picked up a sword before," she explained. "But it’s really important to me that Psylocke was as believable as possible and that meant to me that I had to really know what I was doing and be strong. And since this is the introduction to the character in the X-Men world, the fight scene, for me, was the monologue. It meant everything to me to be able to do it."
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    Psylocke's Movie Costume Is Inspired by Jim Lee

    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Rather than be stuck with the same black leather number that most of the X-Men sport in combat, Psylocke's suit in X-Men: Apocalypse is inspired by Jim Lee's '90s costume, which came to define her look through to the modern era. 
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    Her Mutant Abilities Are Off the Charts

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    While in the X-Force, Psylocke and the gang try to free Warren Worthington from the grasp of Apocalypse, but in doing so, she becomes one of Apocalypse's horsemen. Jean Grey has to step in and unlock some of Psylocke's untapped abilities, which helps the character reach Omega Mutant status. 
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    She Was Fired from Xavier's School

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    In the second series of Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke is fired from her teaching position at the Xavier School by Wolverine (of all people) for attacking the rebellious young telepath Quentin Quire. It turns out that this is no big deal because Psylocke immediately teams up with Storm to go solve a mystery in Los Angeles. Seriously. 

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