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The Weirdest X-Men Powers

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Everyone knows the powers of mutants like Storm and Cyclops, but what about the weirdest X-Men powers out there? It's not as if each and every mutant is going to be lucky enough to get a power set that makes them an A-list member of Marvel's top-tier team. Sometimes you are just unfortunate in the genetic lottery.

When it comes to the most unique mutant powers in Marvel Comics, it's hard to come up with something genuinely new. The ability to change into any flavor of ice cream? Done. The ability to shoot gold eggs out of your body? Covered. The ability to turn into a giant red dragon when you touch blood? Sorry, too late. Get ready for a lot of X-Statix and acid-related abilities in the world of weird mutant powers.

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    Goldballs Shoots Gold Balls (That Are Actually Eggs)

    Fabio Medina has a truly weird power: His body can produce gold balls of differing sizes at will and shoot them at his enemies. Oh, and they aren't really balls... they are actually infertile eggs that make a "poink" sound as they bounce around. It is bizarre. 

    For a while, Medina went by "Goldballs" but started going by "Egg" once he became an integral member of the Five in Marvel's 2019 re-imagining of the X-Men line of comics spearheaded by Jonathan Hickman. Jury's out on whether or not "Egg" is actually a better codename than "Goldballs."

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  • If vomiting acid isn't really your style, perhaps you'd be more interested in sweating it out? It really doesn't sound all that much better, does it? Tike Alicar, AKA Anarchist, not only has the ability to sweat acid from his pores but to shoot out that acid as projectiles.

    This makes Alicar a deadly opponent in a fight, but at what cost? Have fun explaining your acidic sweat to anyone you happen to date. You'd have to have some serious antiperspirant.

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  • If you need proof that mutant powers in Marvel Comics can come in all sorts of nonsensical shapes and sizes, look no further than Evangeline Whedon. This mutant didn't discover her power until adulthood, and it completely upended her life, causing her family to disown her and her fiance to leave her. When Vange comes into contact with blood, she turns into a giant red dragon, and people apparently just can't handle that.

    It does beg the question: What happens when she accidentally comes into contact with blood while indoors? Does she just destroy the building from the inside out accidentally? Are we thinking too much about this?

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  • Brian Cruz clearly felt at home on the playground as a kid. Why is that, you ask? His mutant power revolves around "tagging" people. Indeed, you read that correctly. Cruz has the psionic ability to make someone "it."

    This would compel everyone around the tagged person to either run away from said individual or, alternatively, run towards them. Cruz's power made him more of a utility player in the X-Men lineup as opposed to a heavy hitter. Maybe the X-Men could add tag to their list of bonding activities along with baseball

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