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The Weirdest X-Men Powers

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Everyone knows the powers of mutants like Storm and Cyclops, but what about the weirdest X-Men powers out there? It's not as if each and every mutant is going to be lucky enough to get a power set that makes them an A-list member of Marvel's top-tier team. Sometimes you are just unfortunate in the genetic lottery.

When it comes to the most unique mutant powers in Marvel Comics, it's hard to come up with something genuinely new. The ability to change into any flavor of ice cream? Done. The ability to shoot gold eggs out of your body? Covered. The ability to turn into a giant red dragon when you touch blood? Sorry, too late. Get ready for a lot of X-Statix and acid-related abilities in the world of weird mutant powers.

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    Eye-Scream Can Transform Into Any Flavor Of Ice Cream

    It is difficult to take a character named Eye-Scream all that seriously and, considering his one and only appearance in Marvel Comics came in the 1983 comedic one-off Obnoxio the Clown #1, it's clear you're not supposed to take him seriously at all. Despite his muscular physique and relatively cool outfit, Eye-Scream is a joke of a villain for the mere fact that his mutant power is the ability to transform into any flavor of ice cream at will.

    In his lone appearance, Eye-Scream is jealous of the X-Men due to their cool powers, and can you blame him? The guy's power set is pretty useless unless he actually wants people to eat him, which seems like more of a nightmare.

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    El Guapo Has A Symbiotic Relationship With His Skateboard

    Taking "skater bro" to new heights, Robbie Rodriguez is a mutant who has a symbiotic relationship with his skateboard. That's it. Now, it is a superpowered skateboard that can fly and move by Rodriguez's mental commands, but as far as mutant powers go, it isn't exactly one to brag about.

    And since his relationship with the skateboard is symbiotic, if he is separated from his board for too long, he starts to get sick. For Rodriguez, boarding really is life.

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  • Maximus Jensen, AKA Mammomax, is a mutant villain who is basically just a giant elephant man. Sure, he can lift up to 20 tons and has insane durability thanks to his elephant-like skin, but that isn't enough to write home about in the pages of Marvel Comics.

    Just in case being a 7-foot-tall elephant man wasn't enough to make you stand out, Mammomax also has the ability to regurgitate his stomach acid and vomit it out at his enemies. Not exactly the kind of power you're gonna brag about to your friends.

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  • Vomit powers have to be terrible to live with on a day-to-day basis. Think about how terrible you feel both while vomiting and immediately afterward. Now imagine that is not regular stomach acid coming out of you, but actual acid that can burn through pretty much anything. This is cool because that means your innards can handle actual acid, which is a win, but also isn't cool because you're literally vomiting acid.

    Axel Cluney, AKA Zeitgeist, is a mutant who vomits acid, and that's basically it when it comes to his power set. Nothing fancy or special about his particular bile. Notably, he did discover his power accidentally while making out with a girl, something that didn't end well for his poor partner. 

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