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Sharp Wolverine Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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Wolverine is easily one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, and because he has a murky past, he's attracted plenty of fan theories over the years. After all, it took Marvel decades to reveal his real name and true origin, so the time in between his debut and the publication of Wolverine: Origin is filled with tons of great fan theories. Fans have speculated about everything imaginable, where Marvel's deadliest mutant is concerned.

The most interesting of those fan theories are on this list, and they've all been taken from the FanTheories subreddit. Fans post their theories on the site, and the most plausible ones that make a lot of sense tend to stand out. Check them out below, and when you see one that you think is truly believable, be sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top.

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    'Logan' Takes Place In A Timeline Where Logan And Yukio Flew Back To The X-Mansion Immediately After 'The Wolverine'

    From Redditor u/Animation_Bat:

    In the final scene of The Wolverine (2013), Logan tells Mariko that he can’t stay in Japan because he’s a soldier that’s been away too long, implying he’s going back to the X-Men. Yukio tells Logan that she’s his bodyguard and that they can take the private jet to wherever he wants to go. The final dialogue between them is:

    Logan: “Let’s just start with up.” Yukio: “And then?” Logan: “We’ll see.”

    The mid-credit scene, written by Simon Kinberg, takes place 2 years later. It has Wolverine in an airport without Yukio when Magneto shows up with Professor X (who Logan hasn’t seen alive since X3).

    In James Mangold’s alternate ending to The Wolverine (2013), after Wolverine says, “We’ll see.” Yukio gives him his classic Wolverine costume. He looks at her and then back at the costume before the scene ends.

    This is where the timeline splits, James Mangold only deleted the part where Wolverine gets his costume because it didn’t line up with Singer’s Days of Future Past. So Simon Kinberg wrote the mid-credit scene, that takes place 2 years later in the airport.

    In the “Wolverine costume” timeline, Logan decided to go back to the X-men with Yukio, and their adventures with the team inspired the comics that Laura and the mutant kids read in Logan (2017). Public opinion changed on mutants, and Trask Industries never gets the chance to build Sentinels.

    In the “2 Years Later” timeline, Logan tells Yukio to drop him off somewhere, and he continues to be a lone drifter for 2 years until Magneto and Professor X recruit him to fight the Sentinels.

    Note: In the Days of Future Past timeline, Yukio’s prediction about Logan dying covered in blood with his heart in his hand refers to the scene where Logan temporarily dies pulling off the healing suppressing robot from his heart.

    In the Logan timeline, it refers to him dying covered with blood while holding hands with Laura.

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    Wolverine Killed The X-Men As An Act Of Mercy

    From Redditor u/AstroDunce:

    It’s heavily implied in Logan that Xavier killed the X-Men due to his old age and mind. However, we never really get a clear answer to why Xavier resents Wolverine so much, with quotes like “Logan... What did you do?” and “What a disappointment you are.”

    My theory is that Xavier’s attack nearly killed the X-Men but the damage was done and couldn’t be reversed, Wolverine killed each of the X-Men to end their suffering. Xavier, being the pacifist he has been through the series, was strongly against this. Ever since then Xavier has had some resentment towards Wolverine.

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    Wolverine Should Be Far More Sensitive To Pain Than We Think

    From Redditor u/sxysteve:

    Wolverine is a badass. It is hard to imagine him getting hurt or being in pain at all. He gets shot, he growls, it heals, end of story. However, I don't think it quite works out that way.

    He is able to completely heal everything. He gets shot, the bullet comes out, and he is healed. No scar no nothing. However, what we don't realize is that he is never able to build up a callus to anything.

    For anybody who has ever hit a punching bag before you know that it hurts the first time, you do it. You punch it a bunch and your (if you arent wearing any gloves or anything) your knuckles might tear, or bruise. After a while, though you can punch the bag more and more without feeling any pain. This shouldn't happen to Wolverine. His body always returns to a homeostasis. The callus on our skin over time heals so for Wolverine it should heal immediately.

    In conclusion, even though he seems like a badass Wolverine is probably the most sensitive person in the world. Probably why somebody so bloodthirsty is able to fall in love with every woman he meets.

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    The Events Of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Didn't Really Happen – At Least, Not Like That

    From Redditor u/thatpaulallen:

    So with the X-Men comics being a big plot point in Logan, what if movies about the X-Men also existed in this universe? What if X-Men Origins: Wolverine was just a bad cinematic attempt at explaining Wolvie's backstory?

    That would explain the silly, over-the-top tone of the movie, and why so many timeline details just don't line up. And as Logan said, "Maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this."

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