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Sharp Wolverine Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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Wolverine is easily one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, and because he has a murky past, he's attracted plenty of fan theories over the years. After all, it took Marvel decades to reveal his real name and true origin, so the time in between his debut and the publication of Wolverine: Origin is filled with tons of great fan theories. Fans have speculated about everything imaginable, where Marvel's deadliest mutant is concerned.

The most interesting of those fan theories are on this list, and they've all been taken from the FanTheories subreddit. Fans post their theories on the site, and the most plausible ones that make a lot of sense tend to stand out. Check them out below, and when you see one that you think is truly believable, be sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top.

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    The Phoenix Force Lives Inside Logan's Subconscious

    From Redditor u/theconstipator:

    So as we know from the post-credits scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Apocalypse will be the next big bad in the X-Men world. Makes sense as the next X-Men movie is called X-Men: Apocalypse. I have a theory about the final fight in X-Men: Apocalypse. From the thread I linked, it seems like the most likely story for how Apoc will show up will be due to the time travel messing s**t up in DOFP. What I think would be cool is, after Apoc does his/her (really not sure) thing and f**ks up the world, we see a big awesome battle between Apoc and the X-Men. Here's my theory on how it'll go down

    My theory is that, since Jean died, the Phoenix force has been living in Wolverine's subconscious. At the end of X3, it seemed like three stab wounds shouldn't be enough to kill a cosmic entity like the Phoenix Force. My theory? It didn't. He just killed Jean. The Phoenix force transferred itself from Jean to Logan, because its host body was dead and Logan was the nearest candidate.


    The Wolverine. In Wolverine's dream sequences, Jean Grey appears as Logan's wife. Hey, but maybe he's just remembering the woman he loved right? Except he was remembering her weirdly. Didn't she give off a sense that she was guilt-tripping Logan for killing her? Hey, maybe it's just a symbol for Logan blaming himself. But don't you find it strange that she was seemingly...inviting Wolverine to be with her? i.e, Die? Yeah, again, could be Logan's self-pity for what he did and a suicidal thought. But I think it was the Phoenix in the form of Jean, saying evil things and whatnot.


    Well, as we've seen in Days of Future Past, Wolverine doesn't have an average brain. His healing factor doesn't let his soul become engulfed by the Phoenix, just like it didn't get torn apart by traveling 60 years back in time. His healing factor suppresses the Phoenix force enough so that it's only able to talk to Logan in his deep, deep subconscious...i.e, his dreams.

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    Why Logan's Anti-aging Mutation Stopped Working

    From Redditor u/AnalogPen:

    When I first read Old Man Logan, I was a little bit put off by the disregard for certain characters' powers and mutations, but I let it go because it is a side-story and not canon that I am aware of. I recently read it again, and an idea popped into my head about why Logan seemed to be aging when he had not for such a long time: His penchant for violence was what had kept him young all along.

    Logan has always been volatile and has spent the overwhelming majority of his life fighting, whether it be in war, fighting for the X-Men, or just in bar fights in between more important battles. What if the almost constant violence and anger released a mutated hormone, similar to adrenaline, that prevented him from aging after a certain point in his biological development? Perhaps his adrenaline itself was mutated.

    After he killed all of the X-Men, Logan refused to fight again. After an extended period of time with absolutely no violence whatsoever, the effects of the mutated hormone, no longer moving through Logan's body, would wear off, and he would begin to age normally. His healing factor, an unrelated mutation, would continue working but perhaps atrophy a bit due to old age (noted by Hawkeye at the beginning of the story).

    Now, perhaps, having given up his vow of nonviolence in spectacular, Wolverine fashion, his anti-aging mutation will kick back in, though not reverse the effects that have already occurred.

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    Wolverine Isn't A Single Person — He's More Like The Thing

    From Redditor u/Unleashtheducks:

    So Wolverine’s whole thing is healing but over the years, in the comics at least, his healing has been taken to absurd levels. He has regenerated back from being almost completely obliterated. He has gone stretches of definitely being dead because the basic functions of the body couldn’t have been working. And after all this he eventually goes back to the same Wolverine he was before.

    The only explanation that makes any sense is that he isn’t one organism but rather each of his cells is autonomous and merely works together to create Wolverine. Each of his cells must carry not only the ability to sustain itself but also the memory of how he was configured along with all his memories and experiences he has gained.

    Also, I don’t mean to say Wolverine is an alien, just that as his mutation grew, eventually all his cells got replaced by these special “Wolverine” cells that had this ability.

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    Wolverine Isn't Circumcised... And Neither Is Deadpool (Maybe) 

    From Redditor u/MunchHiggins:

    I believe that neither Wolverine nor Deadpool are circumcised since their foreskin would just grow back. Just a thought btw.

    From Redditor u/abutthole:

    Wolverine is definitely not circumcised since he was a non-Jewish and non-Muslim boy born in Canada in the mid-1800s. Deadpool might be circumcised since he’s from the modern era where it’s more common, and if he was circumcised before he acquired his powers his d**k would probably grow back as it was when he got the powers. He might not be circumcised though.

    Interesting fact though: the Thing is definitely circumcised. Stan Lee confirmed he has a d**k once and that it’s made of rocks and Ben Grimm is canonically Jewish. Magneto is circumcised, Apocalypse is probably circumcised (it happened in Ancient Egypt according to Herodotus), Nightcrawler is probably not circumcised and Colossus is probably not circumcised. Black Panther is probably not circumcised, man this is fun!

    Probably/definitely circumcised: Wiccan, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Quicksilver, Star-Lord, Iron Man, Kang the Conqueror, Dormammu

    Probably/definitely not circumcised: Mister Sinister, the High Evolutionary, Captain America, Diablo, Hercules, Thor

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