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Sharp Wolverine Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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Wolverine is easily one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, and because he has a murky past, he's attracted plenty of fan theories over the years. After all, it took Marvel decades to reveal his real name and true origin, so the time in between his debut and the publication of Wolverine: Origin is filled with tons of great fan theories. Fans have speculated about everything imaginable, where Marvel's deadliest mutant is concerned.

The most interesting of those fan theories are on this list, and they've all been taken from the FanTheories subreddit. Fans post their theories on the site, and the most plausible ones that make a lot of sense tend to stand out. Check them out below, and when you see one that you think is truly believable, be sure to give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top.

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    Magneto Freed Wolverine From Potentially Experiencing A Scenario Fit For ‘Black Mirror’

    From Redditor u/radical_roots:

    Wolverine's skeleton was coated with adamantium via the Weapon X project. My main assumption for this theory is that his skull is completely coated with the metal, which would leave his brain completely protected inside an indestructible skull (please correct me if there are any literal holes here, as the theory would fall completely apart).

    The theory began from re-reading 1995's "Age of Apocalypse" cross over. In that Weapon X series (issue #2 I think), Logan jumps into a blimp that becomes a massive inferno to take out the cyborg, Donald Pierce. Logan pulls himself from the flames. BUT - what if Logan was to stay in (or be put into) an environment such as that to the point where all his flesh/muscle burns away completely...

    Would Logan's brain now be stuck inside his indestructible skull? How could his only remaining organic material (brain & possibly bone marrow) escape to regenerate his form? It couldn't. The Weapon X project was meant to let Logan's inner animal go wild, but in reality, it created the potential for an extremely cruel, eternal prison. Magneto almost killed Logan in the short term, but saved him in the long run, when he ripped the metal from his bones. This is why Logan reverted to a more animalistic form after losing the adamantium... he knew on some level that the animal inside him was finally free from his cage.

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    Logan's Memory Loss Is The Result Of His Own Attempts At Suicide

    From Redditor u/sonnytron:

    My theory is that Logan, unable to cope with the guilt and reality of the monstrous things he had done or was subjected to, has tried to kill himself multiple times during his long life.

    He heals... I believe even his brain heals. It makes no sense that his "brain" being damaged wouldn't heal because he literally survived nuclear blasts and concussive blows that would put others in a vegetable state. However, even if the brain tissue heals... Memories don't come back with it.

    Logan had lived through many generations of wars, being a tool for the hatred of others even when he didn't believe in the cause or desire to take part.
    When he couldn't handle it anymore, he attempted disastrous efforts to try to take his own life, hoping that he would escape the tragedy and pain, always envious of others who could be free from their pain.

    The reason Xavier couldn't see those memories had nothing to do with the Adamantium or Logan's rage. It was because only pieces and fragments of it were left in his brain, and Xavier could only see the fragments that were left.

    I know this is a little sad or depressing to think about, but I think the relationship between Xavier and Logan in the films was very powerful and emotional. I think Xavier knew he could never recover all of Logan's memories, but he used the repeated attempts to get Logan back to the house so he could talk to him, have him interact with other mutants, and feel at home.

    In fact, the time we saw Logan hesitate the least in 17 years of appearances to agree to something, is when a passer-by assumed Xavier was his father...
    Even the most feral cats will always come to a home where they're loved and fed.

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    Wolverine Will Take X-23 Back To The 1980’s And Drop Her Off At The Xavier School With Professor X

    From Redditor u/Animation_Bat:

    The ending of the film X-Men: Days of Future Past shows what seems like the ending of the Bryan Singer/Fox/X-Men universe. In 2023, Logan wakes up in the Xavier Mansion School, and all of the characters from the original trilogy are alive and well. The film ends as Professor X is going to catch Wolverine up with the 40 years he’s missed. However, in the trailer for Logan, we see that by 2024 that Wolverine, Professor X, and X-23 are among the last mutants because of the Essex Corporation. Logan replaced one grim future for another.

    I think that Logan will find another way to travel to the past, but this time he’ll physically go to 1983 with X-23. He’ll then go to the Xavier School and explain to Professor X that what they did in 1973 just created different problems. X-23 knew the old Xavier from 2024, so she agrees to stay at the school with James McAvoy’s young Xavier. Logan then kills 1983’s Nathaniel Essex and destroys the data his corporation has about “Weapon X.” Logan then dies, and this is how the story of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine ends.

    If the past isn’t changed again it would cause a problem for the film franchise moving forward. While watching X-Men: Apocalypse, we know that all the characters are safe until 2023. Now going into the sequel, we’ll know that all of the characters are safe until 2023 AND that they’ll all die by 2024. If Logan changes the past, the future is unknown. His death would also give a definitive end for Hugh Jackman’s version of Wolverine since the next version would be an alternate timeline version without any memory of the past films.

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