The Most X-TREME Things That Happened in the '90s

In the '90s, the only way to sell your product was to market it as XTREME! Whether you were selling candy, fast food, or video games, you had to make it over the top, and out of this world. If someone else was doing it, you had to show consumers that your product was 200% crazier with a side of skateboarding shark. As the '90s wore on and the millennium came to a close, extreme marketing started to become more of a faux pas, and was even lampooned in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the apex of social commentary.

This list aims to take everyone back to the golden age of '90s Xtreme. Extreme basketball, extreme nachos, extreme cartoons, we’ve got it all on this list BABY! Whether you spent the nineties as an extreme wrestling connoisseur jacked on CheX MiX or as a fan of extreme bull riding (which seems a bit redundant if you think about it) there’s something for you on this list. If you don’t remember at least half of the items that we’ve collected then you missed out on your halcyon days. The only redeemable thing to do is to get on Ebay and try to find a pack of Xtreme Kiwi Gushers before they become extinct (or sell out, whichever comes first).

Vote for the most extreme items on this list, and then slam a Mountain Dew.