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16 Weird Ways Xander Cage And Teddy Roosevelt Are Exactly Alike

January 20, 2017 16 items

Has anyone else noticed all of the X-treme similarities between Xander Cage, star of the xXx franchise, and Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States and all-around man’s man? When you start comparing their personal stats it’s like you’re looking at the same person! Not only are they two of the manliest man’s men that have graced our national consciousness, but they also both lived life to the X-TREME! Even if this was a world where Vin Diesel and the xXx franchise didn’t exist (and thank goodness it’s not), people would still have Theodore Roosevelt to gaze upon in wonder as he snowboarded down a mountain in North Dakota, or whatever the early 20th-century equivalent of that would be.

What have you been doing with your 20s and 30s? Playing video games and learning how to foster adult relationships with people outside of your peer group? Well, that’s for nerds. When Teddy Roosevelt and Xander Cage were in their 20s, they were traipsing through the wilderness, establishing media empires, and shooting all the guns. And when they weren’t having a blast blasting off their super cool weapons they were chilling with their crew and living that #crewlife. Do you even have a crew? Or just some guys that you still keep in touch with from college? Hopefully, after reading about all of the similarities between Xander Cage and Theodore Roosevelt, you’ll get inspired to do the Dew and start living life to the X-treme. 

  • Two X-Treme Dudes In Two X-Treme Times

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    Both Cage and Roosevelt are known for being totally X-treme, gnarly, and rad d00dz. Cage makes a day out of skiing down radio towers, surfing on motorcycles, and skateboarding through Columbia, just like how Roosevelt would ride 100 miles a day after a full night in the saddle, and spend 40 hours on horseback, which meant he would go through about five horses in a stretch. You've got to do the Dew after a day like that.

  • School Of Hard Knocks, Population: 2

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    Neither Xander Cage nor Theodore Roosevelt had a traditional education. Cage learned everything he knows from the streets, and Roosevelt was mostly homeschooled by tutors and his parents. In T.R.: The Last Romantic, his biographer notes: "The most obvious drawback to the home schooling Roosevelt received was uneven coverage of the various areas of human knowledge," but that's what life's like when you're a totally tubular and radical guy. 

  • They're Only As Strong As Their Respective Crews

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    What's a cool action hero without an equally cool crew to back them up? Even though Roosevelt and Cage are both lone wolves, that doesn't mean they don't understand the value of friendship. Roosevelt famously worked with the Rough Riders, a diverse group of cowboys, miners, law enforcement officials, and Native Americans who fought in the battle of Kettle Hill. Cage's crew in Return of Xander Cage is an equally diverse group of people who are great with suped up guns and karate. 

  • They Both Follow Their Hearts

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    It's a well-known fact that while Xander Cage is so totally a rebel that he follows his own personal code of ethics, which gets him in trouble with the suits at the NSA, but that endears him to fans across the world. The same went for Teddy Roosevelt, who, when he entered Harvard College on September 27, 1876, was told by his father, "Take care of your morals first, your health next, and finally, your studies."