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The Best XBox 360 Characters

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When the XBox 360 came out, it was a throwing of the gauntlet. While Microsoft had only successfully entered the market one generation ago, it was making a play for the gamers with their more fully integrated XBox LIVE system. With that, they had exclusives, and characters all of their own that would differentiate themselves from the Playstation 3. Meanwhile, Sony was having a bit of marketing trouble, unable to meet consumer demand and in the process of making Blu-Ray a widely adopted format, so Microsoft was ready to pounce. Thus, another console war had begun. 

This list picks up many of the exclusive XBox 360 characters and lists them out for you to arrange to your heart's content! Microsofthad no shortage of great video game characters, and no matter your play style, there's definitely something for you. From the ever-XBox Halo series, with its wide assortment of characters, and the Gears of War series, with its grizzled veterans, there were plenty of characters to choose from!

So take a look at who your favorites are from the 360 family, vote, and rerank how you like them! Whether you're a fan of anime or a good old fashioned first person shooter, there are plenty of options to choose from here!