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The Best Xbox Characters

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Microsoft stunned the world when they announced that they were getting into the video game hardware business -- specifically a game console. No one really through that it was going to work, but when the Xbox hit shelves, it was... actually, pretty well received. It was through here that many major franchises were born, game series with iconic characters that still exist to this day. 

This list seeks to show off the myriad of video game characters that spawned on the Xbox, and have since become the major names that have reached household status today. Whether heroes from the Star Wars universe, or a thief in the series first foray into the console market, or yes, the all-mighty Master Chief from Halo, there is a wide swath of characters that got their start on the Xbox, and that continue to endure today. 

So take a look at this list, vote, and completely rerank to create your perfect list of Xbox video game characters! Whether the start of a soon to be iconic video game series, or an old series continuing its strength in a new console, or a character fighting the oldest evil that's ever been written, we've got plenty here to choose from! Take a look at our list, and check out our other lists across all the other consoles!
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