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16 Enchanting Facts About Xena: Warrior Princess Most Fans Don't Know

Updated 23 Sep 2019 237.5k views16 items

Think you know everything there is to know about the ass-kicking, chakram wielding Warrior Princess? Well, these interesting facts about Xena: Warrior Princess will leave you in even more awe of the legendary Greek hero and the talented people who brought her to life. After all, you can never have enough cool Xena trivia. 

The '90s were brimming with strong female heroines, but few managed to establish themselves as enduring figures on the pop culture landscape, and only one of these heroines blazed the trail for the girl-power phenomenon that was to come: Xena. As the narration in the credits sequence states, Xena was “a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.” She had a dark past and, with her trusty sidekick Gabrielle, she worked hard to make amends for her evil deeds.

While those who haven’t seen the show write it off as a campy or silly adventure fare, megafans like Quentin Tarantino know that the show was so much more than that. For six seasons, Xena and Gabrielle traveled across the earth, through time, and even to hell and heaven, helping those in need while managing to keep their bangs perfect in a world where hair dryers didn’t exist yet.

These Xena: Warrior Princess facts will have you slinging a boomerang around as you attempt, but ultimately fail, to imitate Xena’s blood-curdling battle cry.

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