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Famous Film Actors From Yakima

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List of famous movie actors & actresses who were born in Yakima, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Some of these celebrities weren't necessarily born in Yakima, as in some cases Yakima may only be their hometown and not necessarily their birthplace. If you're from Yakima then your city's claim to fame might be that the actors and actresses listed below are from there as well. There may be a lot of famous athletes, musicians and other famous people that were born in Yakima, but this list highlights only names of actors and actresses.

This list contains items like Sam Kinison and Kyle MacLachlan.

This list answers the questions, "Which actors are from Yakima?" and "Which famous actors were born in Yakima?"
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    Aaron Heinzen

    Age: 41

    Films Acted InPerfect 10

    BirthplaceUSA, Yakima, Washington

    Aaron Heinzen is a former American soccer player who played professionally for three seasons with Portland Timbers before being released in 2005....  more
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    Barbara La Marr

    Dec. at 30 (1896-1926)

    Films Acted InSouls for Sale, Trifling Women, Quincy Adams Sawyer, The Nut, The Eternal City

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, United States of America

    Barbara La Marr (born Reatha Dale Watson; July 28, 1896 – January 30, 1926) was an American film actress and screenwriter who appeared in 27 films during her career between 1920 and 1926. La Marr was...  more
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    Films Acted InCan't Hardly Wait, Hollywood Homicide, The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, Killing Kennedy, What Boys Like

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, USA

    ParentsDick Wiehl

    Christopher Wiehl (born (1970-10-29)October 29, 1970) is an American actor....  more
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    Films Acted InMan in the Shadow, Playgirl, Gunfight at Comanche Creek, Step Down to Terror, Four Guns to the Border

    BirthplaceUSA, Yakima, Washington

    Colleen Miller is an American actress. She has been in several movies such as Gunfight at Comanche Creek and Four Guns to the Border. She currently resides in California...  more
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    Films Acted InWhite Fang

    BirthplaceWashington, Western United States, Northwestern United States, United States of America, United States

    ChildrenLatseen Benson

    Diane E. Benson (born May 10, 1954) is an Alaskan politician, inspirational speaker, video production consultant, published writer and dramatist. On August 24, 2010, she became the Democratic...  more
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    Gloria Grafton

    Dec. at 85 (1909-1994)

    Films Acted InCry "Havoc"

    BirthplaceUSA, Yakima, Washington

    Gloria Grafton was an actress....
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    Films Acted InFantastic Mr. Fox, Bitter Feast, As Cool as I Am, Martha's Guests: Master Chefs

    BirthplaceUSA, Washington, Seattle

    ParentsArmandino Batali, Marilyn LaFramboise

    ChildrenLeo Batali, Benno Batali

    Mario Francesco Batali (born September 19, 1960) is an American chef, writer, restaurateur, and media personality. Batali formerly co-owned restaurants in New York City; Las Vegas; Los Angeles and...  more

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    Films Acted InJetsons: The Movie, The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Once Upon a Forest, Waterloo Bridge, The New Alice in Wonderland

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, United States of America

    ChildrenLucy Lee, Jonathan Barlow Lee

    Janet Marie Waldo (February 4, 1919 – June 12, 2016) was an American radio and voice actress. In animation, she voiced Judy Jetson, Nancy in Shazzan, Penelope Pitstop, and Josie in Josie and the...  more
  • 9

    Jim Rohn

    Dec. at 79 (1930-2009)

    Films Acted InTime Chasers

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, United States of America

    Emanuel James Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) professionally known as Jim Rohn, was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker....  more
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    Joseph McKelheer is an actor and a film producer....  more
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    Films Acted InBlue Velvet, The Doors, Showgirls, Dune, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, United States of America

    ParentsKent McLachlan

    ChildrenCallum Lyon MacLachlan

    Kyle Merritt MacLachlan (; born February 22, 1959) is an American actor. MacLachlan is best known for his role as Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks (1990–1991; 2017) and its film prequel Twin Peaks: Fire...  more

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    Monte Rawlins

    Dec. at 81 (1907-1988)

    BirthplaceUSA, Yakima, Washington

    Monte Rawlins, born Dean Calvin Spencer (February 21, 1907 – July 13, 1988), also called Monte "Alamo" Rawlins, was a short-lived western film star of the late 1930s, often dubbed The Masked Phantom...  more
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    Robert A. Guthrie

    Age: 41

    Films Acted InThe New Guy, Expiration Date

    BirthplaceUSA, Yakima, Washington

    Robert A. Guthrie is an actor....
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    Sam Kinison

    Dec. at 39 (1953-1992)

    Films Acted InBack to School, Savage Dawn, Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules, Sam Kinison: Family Entertainment Hour, Brother Sam: A Tribute to Sam Kinison

    BirthplaceYakima, Washington, USA

    ParentsMarie Kinison, Samuel Kinison

    Samuel Burl Kinison (; December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. A former Pentecostal preacher, he performed stand-up routines that were most often characterized...  more

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