Unspeakable Times

Why Home-Invading Chinese Serial Killer Yang Xinhai Was Called "Monster Killer"

There are plenty of brutal serial killers in the world, but do you know about Yang Xinhai, the perpetrator of some of the most disturbing crimes and horrible murders of the 21st Century? Probably not, because his three-year killing spree that claimed more than 60 murder victims and 20 rape victims was essentially erased by the Chinese government after he was put to death. Xinhai would sneak into his victim's home at night and murder those inside, sometimes raping the women before killing them.

Everything that’s known about Xinhai comes from the same collection of articles about his arrest and very short trial. Because of the gruesome nature of his crimes his family is understandably reluctant to discuss his childhood, and it seems like everyone connected to the case would rather have everyone forget the horrors he committed.

When he start killing he couldn’t stop. If your obsession with serial killers hasn’t already made you think about putting an extra lock on your front door, the story of Yang Xinhai definitely will. 

  • He Murdered Entire Families

    He Murdered Entire Families
    Photo: YouTube

    Easily the worst thing about Yang Xinhai would be that he had no remorse for killing everyone he came across when he broke into a house. It didn't matter if he entered a house with a family of five or a couple sleeping in their bedroom apartment - they were all going to die. If he didn't manage to kill everyone he came across he still beat them within an inch of their lives. Yang Xinhai was bad news. 

  • He Had Been Arrested For Rape Before His Killing Spree

    He Had Been Arrested For Rape Before His Killing Spree
    Photo: laomao2008 / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Believe it or not, Xinhai had been arrested for rape before he went on his murderous spree. After dropping out of school, he was sent to labor camps for stealing. Then, in 1996 he was sentenced to five years in prison for rape. Upon his release he immediately started killing.

  • His Crimes Were Heavily Premeditated

    His Crimes Were Heavily Premeditated
    Photo: YouTube

    Yang Xinhai's crime style can be compared to that of Richard Ramirez. He picked a house, popped in, and inflicted pure evil on whomever he found inside. But while Ramirez seemed to be driven by a simple compulsion to randomly kill, it seems Xinhai would plan out his crimes at least a few hours before hand. The main reason it took the police so long to capture Xinhai was because he wore different sizes and brands of shoes every time he committed a murder, and he would get rid of them (along with the rest of his clothes) after every kill. If he was truly a compulsive serial killer he would think that far ahead when it came to his crimes. 

  • Xinhai's Motive: He Just Loved Killing

    Xinhai's Motive: He Just Loved Killing
    Photo: YouTube

    Although some news sites erroneously reported that Xinhai went on a killing spree after his girlfriend broke up with him, it's more likely there wasn't actually a catalyst to his crimes, and that he had been working toward his spree for his entire life. In his confession he said: “When I killed people I had a desire [to kill more]. This inspired me to kill more. I don’t care whether they deserve to live or not. It is none of my concern… I have no desire to be part of society. Society is not my concern.” His killing sprees were fuel that kept him going, and the more he killed the harder it was for him to stop.