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Creepy Theories About the Yellow Book and the Ebens  

Aaron Edwards
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Are aliens real? Many people seem to think so. Statistically speaking, another intelligent race must exist among the stars. But who are they? What if they've contacted us already? If you ask the internet, the answer is yes, they've contact us and given us the key to unlocking the universe. So you know a little bit about aliens, and maybe you've heard of The Yellow Book and the Ebens, but you don't know how deep that wormhole goes.

You've probably run into snippets of Yellow Book and Ebens conspiracies in cyberspace, but in case you haven't, this list will catch you up. According to these theories, the Ebens are aliens from the Zeta Reticuli Star System. and our government has been in contact with them. They gave us an alien encyclopedia named The Yellow Book, which has helped shape the human race ever since. So get out your FBI badge, because it's time to find the truth. If these theories are to be believed, it's out there. 

Every Time You Read The Yellow Book, You Have to Start at the Beginning
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There's a problem with either The Yellow Book or our puny human minds, because it's said that once you stop reading you can't pick up where you left off. That means if you pick it up again, you have to start over.

Maybe we're being small minded here, but that seems like a pretty big oversight in the design. Stupid fascist alien book. 

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Aliens Stopped by in 1964 to Give Us an Encyclopedia Galactica
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The story goes that after making contact with us, the Ebens dropped by Holloman Air Force Base in April, 1964. They gave us The Yellow Book, which is essentially the Ebens version of the history of the universe. A female Eben, nicknamed Ebe #2, presented the book/device to the US government, and translated the text for easy reading. Talk about a thoughtful gift.  

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The Ebens Have a Long Relationship with Earth
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Some theorists believe the Ebens have had a long relationship with our planet, not to mention the people on it. They've been keeping tabs on us, to such an extent that The Yellow Book contains a detailed history of Earth.

It's kinda scary aliens know more about us than we do about ourselves. At least they were willing to share. 

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We've Sent People Away with the Ebens
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Theorists believe we've sent people off to live with the Ebens, which is only fair, given how much they've helped us out. After a meeting was set, our government picked the best of the best from its ranks and erased their existence in all public records. They trained for years to learn the Ebens's language and culture.

In 1965, an Ebens craft landed on American soil and our team joined them among the stars

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