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What Happened When Wolves Were Introduced Back Into Yellowstone National Park

Good news is rare in the world of environmental sciences but what happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park can only be described as a fantastic occurrence. After monitoring recently introduced wolf populations in places where they've been extinct for years, scientists proved that these natural predators were responsible for an influx of new life; they completely reconstructed an entire ecosystem for the better.

Wolves are hardy creatures that are able to adapt for their own survival and in the last few decades their population has started to recover after a dramatic decline caused by human hunting. This resurgence has been facilitated by programs in national parks like Yellowstone, where the staff actively works to conserve endangered wolves and prevent crossbreeding between other canine species.

Even the most intelligent scientists and preservationists couldn't have predicted the scope of change the wolves could bring to the park, though. It's likely that the Yellowstone National Park wolves are largely responsible for saving the whole ecosystem from total collapse. While it might seem impossible that one species could be so important to a particular environment, this story proves that the world would be much worse off if it weren't for wolves.