15 Webcomics About The Realities Of Wearing A Hijab

So, you've been wondering about hijabs, but you're too lazy to do a quick Google search to figure out the basics. Or, maybe you've done a preliminary web search, and you're still not sure why Muslim women sometimes choose to wear a veil. Perhaps you think you know all there is to know about the hijab, the Muslim faith, and the Quran, and maybe you actually are an expert on the topic. 

Regardless of your level of understanding, you're bound to appreciate Huda Fahmy's webcomic, Yes, I'm Hot in This. 

Fahmy — the self-proclaimed "slightly sweaty" Muslim American illustrator — draws on her own experience to call attention to common occurrences that affect many Muslim ladies. Fahmy posts her work on Instagram and Twitter, and her ironic comics have been circulating the internet for years; even after multiple agents and publishing companies told her that no one would be interested in reading her work.

Despite being met with a wave of negativity, the former teacher and full-time mom wanted to see more "exotic-looking" people in the animated realm, as well as more Muslim women and men in the entertainment world. In order to fill the gap, she published her own self-aware series.

Yes, a woman who wears a hijab might be a little hot. So what?

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