The 35 Most Disappointing Things That Ever Happened
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The 35 Most Disappointing Things That Ever Happened

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There's no greater disappointments than the ones that make you hang your head in shame: accidentally scoring the winning goal for the other team or watching that bowling ball veer off track right before your last-frame strike happened. Sometimes bad luck, or idiocy, just gets in the way, turning your huge win into an epic fail. "Yes yes yes yes... no." No.

We've compiled all the very best GIFs of disappointing moments, from sport FAILs to FAILs in the animal kingdom, someone out there has caught it on camera! We want you to rank which of these gifs are the most disappointing. Whether it's a foiled game of Tetris or a puppy trying helplessly to get it's favorite biscuit, we want you to rank which of these gifs is the best. The category is funny but disappointing GIFs, so vote it up if it makes your heart stop in disappointment, or vote it down if you saw it coming.

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    Always Picking on Those Poor Turtles


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    The Sickest Deflection Followed by the Saddest Goal


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    The Most Painstakingly Slow Disappointment Ever


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    Raining on This Guy's Parade


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    Trials and Tribulations of the Vertically Challeneged


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    Almost, Almost, Almost... Goodbye


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