Things You Should Stop Apologizing For

Saying "I'm sorry" has become a ridiculously compulsive and all too natural response in everyday dialog. And frankly, it's getting pretty out of hand. People are just flat out apologizing too much. If you had a nickel for every time you said the s-word throughout the day, you'd probably make an extra $14.00 a week. Pretty soon people are going to be walking around apologizing for thinking and breathing and eating food and being alive! This over-apologizing has got to stop.

It's one of the strangest phenomena in the human psyche... for some reason we feel the need to take responsibility for things that actually have nothing to do with us. Most apologies fly out of our mouths before we even have a chance to give a crap about the situation we're apologizing for. And the strangest thing is that people still act touched when they receive one of these insincere, impromptu apologies.

Someone bumps into you in the store and suddenly you're apologizing to them and trying to swiftly move out of the way. Your friend tells you a terrible story about their uncle's brother's cousin's sister who broke her ankle on the stairs and there you are, stroking your friend's arm and showering them with s-words and pathetic accolades. There is a time and a place for sincere apologies, but how about a different approach? 

Who's responsible? Do women apologize too much? Do men? At the end of the day, all that matters is that we reign in this unnecessary apology epidemic. Have some self-confidence. Think about your words before you spit them out and you'll be amazed at the difference in the way you communicate with people. To help you get away from making all those hasty apologies, read through this list of things you should stop apologizing about! Vote up the apologies you're most guilty of! 

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  • Saying No to People

    Saying No to People

    Sometimes you just have to say no. When you do, don't feel bad about it.
  • Wanting to Be Alone

    Wanting to Be Alone

    Some people should probably spend more time alone than others. Don't feel bad when you get some quality "me time."
  • Asking Questions

    Asking Questions

    Apologizing for being inquisitive can make you come off as weak. Be confident. Be curious. Be an ass-kicker.
  • Asking for Help

    Asking for Help

    Don't feel bad asking for some help. Pay it forward before you apologize.

  • Being Sick

    Being Sick

    Since when is sneezing a sin? Throw on your PJs and feel no shame.
  • Changing Your Mind

    Changing Your Mind

    You're your own boss. Don't feel bad if you end up changing your mind about something and definitely don't apologize for it. 
  • Other People's Actions

    Other People's Actions

    People need to be responsible for themselves. Only assume responsibility for your children. 
  • Your Physical Appearance

    Your Physical Appearance

    You are who you are. If you want to change, do it, but don't apologize for things you're not.
  • Getting Emotional

    Getting Emotional

    Do you apologize for having toes? Come on. Everyone has emotions. 
  • Having a Life

    Having a Life

    Being busy isn't a sin. Don't feel bad about having a life. 
  • Not Wearing Makeup

    Not Wearing Makeup

    Ugh. You probably look just fine. Shut up about it already. 
  • Being Honest

    Being Honest

    The truth will set you free! Be confident, not apologetic, about the way you feel.
  • Apologizing


    Apologizing for apologizing is like a dog chasing it's own tail. Super meta. 
  • Things You've Already Apologized For

    Things You've Already Apologized For

    If you've already apologized, let it go. Don't risk coming off as insincere. 
  • When Someone Else Bumps Into You

    When Someone Else Bumps Into You

    There's no need to apologize because someone bumped into you!
  • Past Mistakes

    Past Mistakes

    Don't repeat apologies for mistakes you made a long time ago.
  • Not Responding to Social Media Notifications

    Not Responding to Social Media Notifications

    Never apologize for unplugging. You deserve it.
  • Not Being Interested in Someone

    Not Being Interested in Someone

    You can't help who you love. Don't go apologizing to the people you don't.
  • What You're Wearing

    What You're Wearing

    Rock it. Own it. Screw what everyone else thinks. 
  • Staying in Bed All Day

    Staying in Bed All Day

    Why would you apologize for having one of the best days of your life? Think about it. 
  • Not Being in the Mood for Sex

    Not Being in the Mood for Sex

    Whatever the reason, sometimes you're just not feelin' it. Don't grovel! Just go to sleep.
  • Not Calling Someone Back Right Away

    Not Calling Someone Back Right Away

    Don't let the 21st century dictate your life. You owe zero apologies. 
  • When There's Something Nasty in Your Food

    When There's Something Nasty in Your Food

    You don't have to be a jerk but you also don't have to feel bad about it. 
  • Not Really Being Sorry

    Not Really Being Sorry

    If you don't mean it, don't apologize.

  • When the Meal You Cooked Didn't Turn Out Perfectly

    When the Meal You Cooked Didn't Turn Out Perfectly

    There's nothing more annoying than an apologizing chef. If you cooked someone a meal, they should be gracious.