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People Describe The Most Expensive Stuff They Ever Broke

Updated November 19, 2019 15.9k views15 items

Given the likelihood of human error, there's an inherent fear that comes with operating valuable machinery or working with breakable objects. From circuit boards to your mom's most irreplaceable vase, the idea of being the one responsible for breaking such a valuable object is terrifying. And while some corporations insure their valuables with a "you break it, you buy it" rule, it's unrealistic that an ordinary person would ever be able to make the up cost of something really pricey -- a government aircraft, say, or a satellite. 

Redditors shared the most expensive thing they've broken, and while the rest of us might live in fear of accidently scratching our mom's new Audi or sending an expensive-looking dish tumbling to the floor in a home-goods store, some have had to face the repercussions of setting their company back millions of dollars. 

  • A Satellite

    From a former Redditor:

    My grandfather used to work for a company that made satellites back in the '70s, and his buddy accidentally toppled over a $15 million unit. Whoops.

  • A Custom Marble Table

    From Redditor /u/sa3r3t:

    I use to be a mover for a high end moving company. If a rich person moves, they likely use us.

    Anyway, we were moving a wealthy family from the $4.5 million house into their $7 million house. Their patio (I wouldn't call it a patio. More of a fountain/jacuzzi area with umbrellas and a bar...) had an elaborate stone table that was some special sort of marble carved in Italy. It cost $450,000 and was unique because it was handmade art.

    Long story short, I tripped in the freshly tilled, unfinished soil at their new house and fell backwards. The stone table top landed on me and cracked 4 ribs and shattered into two large pieces and a bunch of shards.

    I got in trouble.

  • A Jet-Ski

    From Redditor /u/Rhysington:

    I broke my friend's jet-ski by hitting the brake on a wake going about 80 km/h and completing a front flip but [ruined] the clutch, intake, the throttle, and handlebars.

    Around $8,000 in damages.

    It was his fault though, he said I couldn't do a front flip.

  • A Military Aircraft

    From Redditor /u/TheTinman85:

    [It was my] first day in Iraq for my 3rd deployment. I changed a setting on one if the MQ-1B predators I was flying, [which] resulted in [the] inability to regain link and [it] ended up crashing. So $7 million plus what we paid the farmer for crashing in his field... aircraft total loss.